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The woman of your dreams is 3 hours from you

Yes, with the new direct flight Paris Kharkiv SkyUp company and with prices that start from 97 euros meetings with beautiful Ukrainian single women were never so easy and fast. offers personalized meetings

Meet the girls from our group dating event

Men who were not able to attend the November 1 group dating event and saw the videos of it were very interested in some women who participated. So what happens to the ladies who participated but did not find their l

Russian girls are illiterate and not educated (Real life vs Stereotypes)

  We will treat some common and widespread stereotypes about Russian girls, education and their intelligence level. I will comment on the most popular stereotypes and you will finally know the truth! Stereotyp

How to find love if you have too much work

Today this is our tag « How to find love”. How to find love? Work hard - does it increase your chance to find love? Today we will talk about advantages and disadvantages of being a hard worker and your chances to f

5 Interesting Facts about Russian women

You think that you already know all about Russian women? But today I will tell you some really interesting and captivating facts about us, so let’s start and enjoy some new info about beautiful Russian girls) Afte

Ukrainian marriage agency owner is obliged to pass a lie detector test.

Some of you know me for a very long time, but others do not see any difference between an honest Russian dating site or marriage agency and scammers who have created their site with the sole purpose of scamming single me

Real life vs Stereotypes: Why do Russian and Ukrainian girls marry a foreigner

Today this is our tag “Real life vs Stereotypes” Hello everyone, it’s Nastya)   I’ve heard many stereotypes about the fact that Ukrainian girls want to marry a foreigner not because of their real fe

How to be attractive for Russian and Ukrainian girls

Hello everyone, it’s Nastya) You’ve decided that you want to find your real love among beautiful Ukrainian girls. But they also have choice among other men from their native country or from abroad. So how to be re

Ukraine travel guide: What to do in Kiev?

Hello everyone, it’s Nastya)   You have decided to travel to Ukraine, for the first time it is the capital of Ukraine - a beautiful Kiev city! Lots of people, beautiful girls, places to go and things to see.

How to find love for a shy

Today this is our new tag « How to find love” Hello everyone, it’s Nastya ) You are intelligent, rich, handsome, in a good physical form but it’s a great problem with you - you are very shy and don’t know wh

Do Ukrainian women want to marry Western men just to have papers?

You decide to marry Ukrainian women but you hesitate because she can say “Yes” only to obtain green card? Are Ukrainian women interested in marrying American for green card? You will find today the true point of view

Do Russian girls really drink a lot? | Real life vs Stereotypes

Do Russian girls really drink a lot? | Real life vs Stereotypes Today this is our tag “real life vs stereotypes”. Hello everyone, it’s Nastya) I’ve heard about the stereotype that Russian girls drink a l

Age difference between Russian or Ukrainian men and women

Age difference between Russian or Ukrainian men and women Hello everyone) It’s Nastya. Age difference in relationships: is it important for Ukrainian women? We will analyse some stories of age difference coupl

Barrier of language: do you need to look for a Ukrainian woman already speaking English?

Barrier of language: do you need to look for a Ukrainian woman already speaking English? Hello everyone) It’s Nastya. Today we will talk about language barrier relationship and international couples problems.

What languages do a Russian or Ukrainian brides speak: difference Ukrainian language vs Russian language

What languages do a Russian or Ukrainian brides speak: difference Ukrainian language vs Russian language Hello everyone) It’s Nastya. All that you should know about Ukrainian language vs Russian and Ukrainian

Russian and Ukrainian girls on the first date “Reality vs Stereotypes”.

Today this is our tag “real life vs stereotypes”. 1. Stereotype: You think that a girl will definitely be prepared f or weeks not to eat and drinkanything, just for eating, drinking and having fun of your pocket.

Beautiful Russian girls, when are they ready for sex?

Beautiful Russian girls, when are they ready for sex? A very sensitive but important issue that we will discuss will help you to understand beautiful Russian girls better. What do beautiful Ukrainian girls think

Are Ukrainian and Russian girls really interested in dating foreign men?

We will discuss what Ukrainian women think about marrying a foreigner.  If they are interested in dating foreign men and all that you should know about Ukrainian women dating. Recently, there has been a growing desire

Image des hommes français auprès des femmes russes et ukrainiennes

    Savez-vous ce que les belles filles ukrainiennes pensent des hommes étrangers? Les belles filles ukrainiennes ont toujours leur propre opinion sur l’image des hommes étrangers, c'est pourquoi

Top 5 Dating Sites

The trend to date and marry world-famous Slavic beauties from Eastern Europe still proves to be hot, despite online dating scamming cases reported hugely throughout the history of such a communication between Western men

The Guide to Dating Ukrainian Women

The Guide to Dating Ukrainian Women If you are reading this article you may be interested in the genuine and happy relationship with a single Ukrainian woman, right? This guide aims at shedding some light on the effec

Why it may not work with Russian and Ukrainian men by Ukrainian girls?

Hello everyone) It’s Nastya. Are Ukrainian MEN BAD husbands?! Ukrainian men dating: is it always successful for Ukrainian girls and why? Is an average Ukrainian or Russian woman satisfied with a Ukrainian husban

Différence entre femmes françaises et femmes russes et ukrainiennes

Le revers de la médaille: femmes françaises et femmes russes Ce n'est pas toujours évident de dire qu'il existe une différence entre les femmes occidentales et celles slaves. Mais l'apparence, les habitudes et le c

Difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls

Do you ever compared beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women? Do you thought who is better in appearance and character, who is a better wife? If yes, you will find answers on all your questions. Ukrainian women: are they d

Femmes russes et ukrainiennes: travail ou ménage ? Mentalité des belles femmes russes

Belles femmes russes et ukrainiennes: que préfèrent-elles ? Vous voulez visiter l'Ukraine mais vous hésitez encore ? Un intérêt certain pour la mentalité des belles femmes russes ou ukrainiennes en rapport avec

Сomment sont les femmes russes et ukrainiennes?

Bonjour à toutes et à tous :) C’est Anastasia mais les amis m'appellent Nastya :) Aujourd’hui, je veux vous raconter comment est la femme ukrainienne. Autre le fait, bien évidemment, qu'elle est considér

All about dating Ukrainian girls: Vlog of Anastasia from Ukraine

Hello everyone) My name is Nastya and I am from Kiev, Ukraine. I would like to invite you to discover with me step by step the life of a Ukrainian woman, to clarify the dark and too often stereotyped moments about their

10 things to know to distinguish scammers from real Russian women

Here is the list of 10 items that tell you that you need to pay more attention and the scam risk by a Russian women is above average 1. It is she who writes you first 2. The Russian bride is very beautiful 3. Sh

Russian ladies dating scams

The demand create scams. And it is true that Russian ladies are world famous for their beauty, education and traditional family values and it is true that so many men are "hunting" for Russian ladies trying to find thier

I want to date hot Russian women.

You can not imagine how useful this article will be. Many of my clients who were in correspondence with hot Russian women on some free or paid dating sites received dozens of messages from very beautiful and very young

What will be your life with a Russian wife?

I'm sure many men who do not know Russian or Ukrainian women wonder why Russian wives are so in demand. I am married with a Ukrainian for over 10 years, I have several friends and hundreds of former clients who have mar

I’m looking for blond hot Russian brides with big boobs speaking English

Often my clients give me such search criteria. I also love blond women with a big tits and who speak the same language as me. But what I like most is that the Russian bride has a good character and traditional  fam

Seduce Russian mail order brides by e-mails

This idea seems excellent (of course if followed by a real encounter) .... but you have to be very careful. And here's why: 1. If in reality you are different from the impression you created by correspondence with Rus

I’d like to invite a Ukraine girl to my country.

This is an excellent idea because just the correspondence serves little purpose. But if you think that getting a Ukrainian woman to come to you first is the сheapest and more efficient solution I must disappoint you

What to do to date a beautiful Russian mail order bride

Do you dream to share your home with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women? Here are 7 simple steps to succeed in 2 months 1. Find a reliable dating site like or another serious site 2. Choose a dozen

Une femme ukrainienne ou une femme de mon pays?

Pourquoi un français devrait-il penser aux femmes ukrainiennes s'il y a des femmes françaises juste à côté ? Je suis d'accord qu'au début l'homme doit essayer dans son pays et au cas d'échec commencer à penser

I am 55 and I am looking for a single Russian girl of 25, is it possible?

A lot of customers ask me this question and I want to clarify the situation about the age difference It is true that Russian and Ukrainian girls easily accept an age difference of 10 or 15 years and sometimes even mor

Ukraine or Russian brides already in your country.

This seems the easiest solution -  Russian brides is already in your country, she speaks English, she has a job, she is adapted to the life in your country ... but ... Imagine a Russian or Ukraine bride, beautiful, hav

Single Russian girls already in your country – part II

Of course the number of single Russian girls residing in US or Canada is incomparable with the number of Ukrainian or Russian girls who are still in Ukraine or Russia. So for a woman from Ukraine who is already in US, C