Roger, 67 years old, France

Video testimony !!!

Question: Please say, Roger, what can you tell your compatriots about our country and the meetings?

Answer: I would say that coming to Kharkov is really uh … it’s really great! I would say that there is nothing to complain about. There is not really an event in particular, there is nothing to worry about. The people are friendly, the restaurants are good. There is Kharkov cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine, which is very good. And above all, the large parks, lakes, which are around and give greenery around this huge city! So here it is.


Bertrand, 45 years old, France. Testimony 1

Témoignage vidéo!!!

Pendant son séjour à Kharkiv Bertrand a visité plusieurs lieux remarquables de la ville.

Il donne son avis sur les restaurants de Kharkiv: le restaurant «Amélie» au Boulevard français et le restaurant «Pouchka» au centre-ville.

Alan, 15.04.2021

Dear Katya

Thank you for asking, Yes we are still in communication, we have met and are very much in love. You understand it is difficult at this time to meet and make future plans, not just for us two, but of course for everybody. However we are now engaged, and we try to make plans for Vitalina and her children to come to England. We are thankful to your agency for bringing us together. If you would like to write or speak to Vitalina she is okay with this, she is better at explaining our relationship than me! And of course it will be in your language.

Thank you, Alan

James and Olga long life love

James and Olga (21.01.2020)

I am happy to provide this testimonial for UKreine.com which has helped this Englishman find his soulmate and true love in his beautiful Ukrainian Lady. Ukreine.com is in my experience a totally genuine Agency. I joined, specified my search age criteria and was presented with a list of profiles from which I selected the most appealing to me ( I chose to contact one but I understand that if you so wish you can correspond with several ladies). There is no hard sell of videos and/or audio messages or expensive ‘instant messages’ and you do not receive countless proposals from young girls many years younger than yourself, just straightforward letters of up to 1500 words with your selected lady, at a modest cost. This enables you to establish a relationship and assess mutual suitability. The next step, when you are ready, is to organise a meeting. I chose to meet only the one lady but I understand you can arrange to meet as many as you wish. I was met at the Airport and conducted to my Hotel by the Agency Office Manager who put me completely at ease. An added bonus to me was that my Ukrainian lady even came to the Airport to greet me upon my arrival!
Well, what can I say! We spent a few wonderful days in Kharkiv and it soon became clear that there was a mutual attraction. So much so that I can announce that we are going to marry in the Summer! We owe it all to Ukreine.com without whose services we would never have met. If you are genuinely looking to find a partner in life then have no fears because as I can attest the ladies on this Agency Website are similarly genuine and sincere. Great job and many thanks Dimitri and all the team !

Stéphane, 37 years old, France


UkReine dating site testimonials:

This trip to Ukraine was decided at the very last minute, but it was absolutely unforgettable! The girls in the agency, especially Nathalie, were extraordinarily kind, available, understanding, endearing and generous because of their very big hearts! Their attachment to their country and their city only makes one want to know more about it, discovering something new each and every day – and it was truly a whole new scenery.

The agency planned everything for me: a well-located, downtown apartment including a variety of diverse food in the kitchen, taxis, journeys, walks, and especially excellent restaurants to discover! You must try the local cuisine. Nathalie and Lyliya organized the meetings with the girls. They were always by my side and gave me tremendous support and help every step of the way. They are indispensable! I know English so I could sometimes speak with them directly, but Nathalie was always there to help in case of miscommunication or any misunderstanding.

This is a trip I would do again without hesitating if I have the chance to do so in the future. Thank you Nathalie, Lyliya, Irina and Tatyana! You are extraordinary.


Dominique, 50 years old, France


Kharkov marriage agencies testimonials:

I am naturally very prudent. But, I trusted Kharkov after visiting UkReine.com’s website and contacting someone for a few months. I could only come to this conclusion: those who are hoping for serious meetings, including serious projects, should not hesitate! Take the plunge – a new environment, kindness and security are on the menu.

Of course, this is in large part because the agency’s team takes great care of its travelers. Therefore, I want to thank everyone, especially Dimitri and Ludmila, who followed my adventures from the office, and mostly to Natalia, who translated for a day, and of course Lili, who interpreted the other days, including during my meetings.

I wish the very best to Lili, kisses to everyone, and see you soon!


Vincent, 56 years old, France


I would like to write Ukrainian dating site testimonial and tell everyone about my great experience, especially for anyone who is thinking about traveling to the Ukraine through the «UkReine» agency. I would like to encourage people to fulfill their objectives. Do not hesitate to do it and do not pay attention to the negative, false rumors going around. My trip left me with wonderful memories.

Nathalie will greet you as soon as you arrive at the Kharkov airport. Your apartment is reserved ahead of time as well as anything you may need during your trip. Ukrainians are generally quite friendly and helpful. Kharkov city is buzzing with excitement, enjoyable and safe. The entertainment, restaurants, and many specialties are many and will allow you to experience warm and pleasant evenings. Nathalie takes care of scheduling the meetings with the people you chose, and it is done with courtesy and elegance.

You will never feel alone. A local phone is lent to you to stay in touch with Nathalie if you need it and she accompanies you whenever you travel within the city. Nathalie and Tatyana — who is her co-worker — offer a great, efficient and serious translation service. It allows for better communication with your conversation partner. I highly recommend this trip if you are looking to meet a variety of good quality respondents. Ukrainien women are talkative, charming and easygoing. I will once again congratulate the team for their serious work.


Patrick, 42 years old, Switzerland



The photo of our marriage is the best evidence of the job of this Russian marriage agency. I really appreciate all that they made for me and I am so happy to find my soulmate!!

Jésus, 55 years old, France

Ukraine marriage agency testimonial

Video testimony!!!

Question: Jésus, please tell us if there is a difference between Ukrainian and French women.

Answer: I think that – well, there is a difference. I believe that Ukrainian women are a bit less complex than French women. In my opinion, it is mostly due to three qualities that I find important in Ukrainian women that I noticed in those I met. Those qualities that really struck me are their charm, their kindness, and their elegance.

Patrice, 40 years old, France


Ukrainian marriage agency reviews:

This is the tale of my trip to Kharkov. After a long flight, I was greeted by beautiful smile that made me forget the time I spent on my trip. I was taken to a comfortable apartment. To those who believe Kharkov is a dangerous city because of what is going on in Ukraine – those things we hear about non-stop on television – I want to let you know that it is not true. I felt perfectly safe at all times and I did not see heavily armed military personnel everywhere in the city. The police is there, doing their normal rounds, but they are seen about as much as in France. Back to my trip: the UkReine team is warm – all the members are friendly – and they listen to your needs. The interpreters – Natalia, Tatyana and Olga – are incredibly kind.

Then, I met women who were as gentle as they were beautiful. I thought I was in heaven, surrounded by angels, but this was real! Amongst all my meetings, two women stood out. After approximately 2 weeks, I went back with a heavy heart because I had to leave such charming people. Time will tell how things will develop, but the UkReine team of Kharkov gave me a good deal of hope about my future.


Grégoire, 29 years old, trip organized by UkReine.com

Gregory comes to Ukraine for the first time to meet Ukrainian women from Kharkiv, his trip was organized by UkReine.com

It’s awesome. Really, a great trip. I first arrived in Kiev. I spent 4 nights in Kiev. So, the capital is super nice, much less stressing than Paris, for example. And there, from Sunday to Thursday I arrived in Kharkiv, and the city seemed very nice. I was immediately taken care of the agency Ukreine.com and all I had meetings, every day with a translator and it was always very much missed. We ate well, we laughed well, we drank well. Very, very, very nice.
The city is super nice. I did not expect that. I was surprised, but very pleasantly. People are kind, respectful, super calms, super quiet. Really very good. Whether in Kiev or Kharkiv, there is no problem.
I was immediately encouraged by the agency, by the function. From the beginning, I thought … In France, when I registered I told myself that it might not work well. It’s too good, the girls are very beautiful. What are they going to do with a guy like me? How it is possible? And finally, I take the game and the girls too. And with a translator, with the agency, everything was fine. It went very well, very well organized.
No problem with the work of the agency. They are not interested in money alone, not at all. I’m ice for a week, no problem. I paid some of the money here. I had a good apartment near the city center. Really, well surrounded, always got answers to the messages. Every day, I went to the office and always well received, well received. I was touched. Really very good.


Philippe, 40 years old, France

Video testimony !!!

Question: Did the services of our Ukrainian marriage agency meet your expectations?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Finally, I think that the services of the marriage agency are very good, we are well supported. And we are not alone in the city, so we can organize the visit as we wish and we are accompanied for meetings, as well as to discover the monuments of the city. So, I am very satisfied with the support of the services.

Antoine, 51 years old, France

Kharkiv marriage agency reviews:

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Antoine. I am French and I live in Lorraine. I wish to tell you today about UkReine.com’s agency services, speaking from the bottom of my heart. As a matter of fact, this agency is serious on many regards. I decided to do this trip to the Ukraine in order to meet someone. The employees did a fabulous job – a very professional one – of accompanying me. It begins with the organization of the trip, being accompanied and managed during the stay, and all of this is well organized, on top of being done seriously. Kharkov is not scary at all. It’s a large and beautiful city; life here is pleasant. It entices, tickles the senses, just like the UkReine agency. I was not disappointed at all when it comes to that part; it is not a scam. Quite the contrary – it represents well the women who sign up for their site.

To those who are hesitating, who have doubts, I tell them that those who risk nothing have nothing. One must find the courage and the will needed to embark on this beautiful, romantic adventure. You will not be disappointed!

Yours truly, Antoine

Hakim, 38 ans, France. Témoignage sur UkReine

I spent 3 really nice days in the city of Kharkiv.
The airport reception by the agency was as expected.
A good atmosphere and a good follow-up with the meetings I made on the spot.
Certainly 3 days is not enough to do everything.
But I got my contact and we are in communication on WhatsApp.
We  plan to meet here in France with the lady I met (So I’ll send her a plane ticket for coming here).
In short, the stay was nice and your team was professional, up to date and well organized. 🙂 🙂

Philippe, 55 years old, France

Ukrainian dating site reviews:

Video testimony!!!

Question: Philippe, can you tell me if the agency’s services met your requirements?

Answer: Yes. The agency’s services are practically exceptional because the employees demonstrated professionalism both in France and here, where I am now. They are very pleasant, very available, and very obliging. We have everything we need because they organize things well. If something does not go the way it should, it is fixed immediately. Sometimes there are little surprises but things are dealt with in a professional manner.

Santino, 47 years old, France

UkReine dating site testimonial:

Video testimony!!!

Question: What should the other clients visit while in Kharkov?

Answer: Concerning Kharkov, I can definitely say that it is a wonderful city. It is lively, with a lot of university students – therefore many young people. It is very, very, very alive and buzzing with a lot of restaurants – many excellent ones that are well-priced.

As for lifestyle, I’ve mentioned restaurants, so I will speak of the parks too, which are magnificent. For example, Chevtchenko Park is superb, as is Gorki Park with its attractions that are suitable for children as well as adults. Therefore, there are a lot of things to see for everyone. I went there at night and it was very lively – it remains that way until late during the night. It is truly magnificent.

There are a lot of spots to see. Some of them are cathedrals, some are very large cathedrals, including baroque-style ones, which are on the other side of the river. There are many churches as well. They have a historic museum which is very, very interesting. There are Ukrainian symbols as well. It is very nice to discover. I want to tell you to come to Kharkov because it is a wonderful city.

Mark, 52 years old, France

Kharkiv marriage agency reviews:

I have very agreeable memories of Kharkiv and of Ukraine. People are very nice and smiling. Everything was very well organised and improved. My commitment to return soon will be made without problem since I met OKSANA thanks to your agency. I am grateful to all team of the Dmitri’s dating and marriage agency.

Sincerely, Mark

John, 55 years old from Australia

John, a single man from Sidney decides to go to Ukraine to meet Ukrainian brides. He is assisted by UkReine.com/en Dating and Marriage agency. See what happened to him during his 2 week trip.

Franck, 34 years ola, Sion

Franck, 34, from Switzerland shares his impressions of his stay organized by the marriage agency UkReine

I spent a short (2 to 3 days) but excellent stay in Ukraine. Everything went well, everything was perfectly organized by the agency and Nathalie. I have always been able to count on Nathalie in my travels and that at any time, I thank her very much. Ukraine is a welcoming country just like its inhabitants and I felt really good about it.
I had the chance to meet exciting people. To meet interesting women, cultivated, charming and touching. When necessary, I always counted on Anna for the translations, absolutely adorable and kind, as well as speaking perfect English and French.
I made the decision to come a few weeks later to register and I do not regret in any way. I’m glad I did, it’s obviously the best way to really get to know each other. I only regret one thing, have not been able to stay longer for meetings and to visit a little bit.
I can not wait to get back very soon.
I can only encourage people who think about it, to take the plunge and to come to Ukraine via UkReine.com.

André’s Testimonial, 58 years old, about the marriage agency UkReine

Having had several meetings with beautiful Ukrainians, André talks about his trip to Kharkiv, Ukraine, which was organized by the marriage agency UkReine.

The agency has organised my trip very well. I have met many beautiful women. I’ really satisfied with the services of the agencies. I highly advise to come to Ukraine as it’s a big country with many beautiful ladies.

Pascal, 65 y.o., about the marriage agency UkReine

Pascal shares his experience with the international dating agency UkReine which organizes stays in Kharkiv in Ukraine to have appointments with beautiful Slavic ladies.

I am from the small village in Brittany. I am almost 60 years old.

My trip went very well. Nathalie was waiting for me at the airport and then accompanied me to the proposed apartment. It was vast and good.

The work of the agency is well done, I always had the answers for all my questions.

In the city there is a lot of restaurant, the reception of the agents was good. I had lots of nice meetings.

The correspondence on the site is real. I will continue it. Translators work well.

Security in the city. There is no danger. I did not see militia members. I could move freely. No difficulty.

I can always recommend the agency. Their work is good.


Frédéric Fayolle gives his testimony on the UkReine agency

I appreciate very much the excellent follow-up from the agency, that was always professional, complete and attentive, while being friendly and relaxed. The agency had perfectly organized my stay in Kharkov and provided me with all the required information on the person I came to meet. The welcome to Kharkov by Natalie was warm and friendly. It was even possible to accompany me to the supermarket the first day so that I learned how to do some shopping there! The agency employees very tactfully and kindly provide precise information on all useful matters, from the practical questions of the stay to the living conditions and the way of thinking of a person who lives in Ukraine. The support of the agency’s interpreters, when it was needed at the start, was also excellent and friendly.
The personality of the young woman I met did not disappoint me at all regarding to her description in profile. On the contrary, she is a person of great spirit depth and character, which I greatly admire and which has become rather rare in our western societies. After several stays in Kharkov and a visit to my home, we are happily preparing for our future together.
As for the place to stay, Kharkov is a big city, but nevertheless peaceful and pleasant. There are many interesting places to visit (beautiful parks, museums, three superb cathedrals, and regardless this place is far from the sea, a remarkable dolphinarium has become a surprise). The possibilities in terms of restaurants are impressive, whether in terms of state-of-the-art decor or cuisine, and are of a quality standard of those of a European metropolis, but at much more attractive prices.

Patrice Breuille 42 years old, Toul, France

Testimony of Patrice, 42 years old on UkReine dating agency

Patrice talks about his experience with the international dating agency UkReine who organizes his stay in Kharkiv, Ukraine and meetings with his beautiful members.

Everything went out really well. The reception was warm and friendly. The people are just perfect. Evrything was very good. The dates were nice. From the very beginning I chose one girls. The in the agency I’v been advised to choose some others whom I really liked eventually. Every person in the agency helped me a lot. Now I’ll see how it is going after the dates.

Nicolas, 37, from France, talks about his meetings in Ukraine

Nicolas thanks the UkReine dating agency for his experience and shares his impressions of the Ukrainian women he met during his stay in Ukraine.

My stay was very good. I really enjoyed being in Kharkov. It is a very welcoming city. People are also very welcoming, whether in the restaurants or the people of the agency that I met.

With Anna, the meeting went well. She is a very open-minded woman. Very kind, very nice. We managed to share a lot of time. And here we are, a lot of emotions exchanged between us. It’s very positive.

I simply want to say thanks to you and the agency. Well, it was a very good moment. See you soon !

Alain Lafitte, 54 years old, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Video testimony!

Comments on the UkReine agency and impressions about the city of Kharkov

What are your impressions of Ukraine and Kharkov?

I have visited quite a few cities, but this is the first time I come to Kharkov. I am very surprised, it is a clean city where people are very friendly and calm. I think it’s a city that’s growing, and I’m very impressed.

Did you like your stay in Ukraine?

I can say that in Kharkov there are many beautiful beaches, there are plenty of things to discover. The city is beautiful, clean, there are museums, you can eat very well. There are even things that can be discovered and found in other cities around the world. I think people have to come here.

Do you think that Kharkov is a calm city?

Kharkov is a quiet city, there is no war here. I know that people often have illusions about the events happening in Donetsk, Kiev, but Kharkov is a quiet city where it’s good to live. There are tourists, there are many people who speak French.

What could you say about the agency’s work?

I was very surprised with the agency’s work. We are really well surrounded, there are people who speak French and English, we are always followed, there is always someone who calls you to find out how you are doing. There was always someone with us who showed us around the most beautiful places in Kharkov. Then, if there is a problem, it is resolved very quickly. I think this agency is really good and serious.

Did you find the one you were looking for?

Yes, I met the woman I was looking for. We are in a very, very good relationship and that is thanks to the agency UkReine.com. How serious the agency is, how well you feel surrounded, as long as you can find the woman of your dreams.


Hervé Olive, 53 years old, France. Testimony

Hervé Olive gives his testimony on the matchmaking agency UkReine. Please see his borrowings and his opinion on his experience of meetings organized by the agency during his stay in Ukraine.

Hello ! My name is Hervé. I am from the Paris region. And I am currently in Kharkiv, I made my stay. I am here with the agency Ukreine.com which is an extremely serious agency. I can tell you they are not scams. I met Dimitri, the boss, and then the manager Nathalie. Also I had several interpreters with whom I was at meetings and with whom we discussed women. Their dreams are not just about finding someone abroad and moving around. The city of Kharkiv is a very nice city. We can believe that it is safe. I walk here for a few days without any problem. We only need to understand that the Ukrainian mentality is not like ours. And you have to learn this mentality to find the woman of your image, and better understand their life.

Philippe, 58 years old, France. Testimony

My trip to Kharkov

When we go to “the unknown” there is always a trip. We choose a destination but do we really know the purpose?

Everyone has his motives when he goes so far, in a country and culture as far from his own. Mine are always in the image of our passage on this good old earth)) Learn about oneself, always by the experience of the unknown, because we never finished learning! The problem is always the comparison. Our ego tries to always compare everything. With this either one provokes frustration or else an impossible quest towards an unattainable goal … a chimera.

It’s the same with love. If there is already a prior idea of ​​what we are looking for, then we run after a mirage, a unicorn)). On the other hand, trusting one’s deep intuition, knowing how to differentiate what is part of the infantile emotionality that seeks an ideal, on the part of open emotion, mature, tender and inscribed in reality, may open doors for us. unsuspected; unknown territories, in short ….

Kharkov city that must be bothered to discover, to unveil, which is not as obvious as Kiev that immediately strikes the imagination. Kharkov is discovered, deserves … time is his friend ….

On this subject, its inhabitants are all in the same rhythm; a rhythm not too fast, quite serene or can be a little resigned, or simply the rhythm of a simple happiness … they only know it … They keep in them I believe this mystery and that’s what makes also their charm. We can not really know them completely.

This part of mystery of course can be found sometimes in Ukrainian women. But not in all despite the cliché. Some that are thought to be mysterious can be sad or resigned by the harshness of life. Even if smiles are easily offered to you; Ukrainian and Ukrainian sometimes conceal painful stories, surely out of modesty. That’s what I like about them, this dignity, to die yes, but to die standing! ))) They never complain … just they bite their teeth ….

So this way of fighting against fatality gives people wonderful, bright, open and curious of the world or sometimes beings a little extinct by necessity.

You tell me it’s all the same, of course, but not with the same strength or the same contrast. In Ukraine, the extreme, opposing poles are familiar. The fervor of belief, curiosity, listening and sometimes a true depth of soul. In short everything I like!

Here I am not going to rewrite war and peace))) but I would say that if you like poetry, history, change of scenery, sometimes heroism, stoicism and kindness … heat and humanity then go to Ukraine.

In women, I think, we find all the contrasts of their country, heat and cold, an apparent shyness but also the opposite a strong personality. But one thing is sure: the love of truth!
Being yourself, generous spontaneous and true, that is the key to get in touch with Ukraine and its people.


Mathieu, 41 years old, Canada. Testimony

Video testimony!

Comments on rest and meetings in Kharkiv

My name is Mathieu, I came from Canada.

Here everything goes very well, I met some nice people. I make beautiful meetings with young ladies. I am well received, and can not wait to come back!

Bertrand, 45 years, France. Testimony 1 on Ukreine

Video testimonial !!!

During his stay in Kharkiv Bertrand visited several remarkable places of the city.

He gives his opinion on the restaurants of Kharkiv: the restaurant “Amélie” at the French Boulevard and the restaurant “Pouchka” in the city center.

Bertrand, 45 years old, France. Testimony 2 about Ukreine

Video testimonial !!!

Bertrand’s comments on the Ukreine.com marriage site, the trip to Kharkov and meetings with serious Ukrainian women.

To meet women I took advantage of the Ukreine.com dating site a little by chance, I started to communicate with Ukrainian women, and now it’s been almost a week since I was in Kharkov.

I saw some interesting profiles and after meeting one of these women, I realized that I will certainly bring her back to France soon. Here.

As for Kharkov, it is a very interesting city because it is full of places that one can not even imagine seeing in Ukraine. There are many beautiful places where you can feel the mix of gastronomy and culture.

Alain, 53 years old, France. Testimony on UkReine

I would like to thank the Ukreine.com agency and its team for their kindness and professionalism, especially Nataliya, the manager and Anna, who was in charge of the translation. They allowed me to meet a very nice Ukrainian with whom I got to know each other. Also they allowed me to get a reasonable rate with which I could get a comfortable apartment and help to have the possibility to go to my apartment from Kharkov airport and to be accompanied by same airport at the end of my stay in Kharkov. It was a very beautiful experience. I thank them again.

See you soon,

Tony, 44 years old, France. Testimony about Ukreine

Video testimonial !!!

Tony gives his testimony on the meetings of Russian and Ukrainian women in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Hello. My name is Tony, I am from the region of Toulouse and I come to Kharkov through Ukreine.com website to meet a serious relationship.

So, I knew the Ukreine agency on the Internet, of course. I first did research on dating sites that were rather scams. Then, I contacted other marriage agencies in France, but finally I decided to go to the direct meeting, that is to say to come directly to Ukraine through Ukreine.com to meet women from their agency without going through correspondence.

The organization of the weekend was done in a week, so I had six meetings in the weekend. I was also housed in an apartment. The entire organization at the interpreter level was really perfect, and I left Ukraine very satisfied with the services of the agency.

So, I advise you not to hesitate to come to Kharkov and meet the members of Ukreine.com!

Thomas, 30 years old, France. Testimonial on Ukreine

Testimony on the trip to Kharkiv.

October 2017

I can only recommend the services of this marriage agency, for its professionalism and especially the involvement and benevolence of its members.

I do not hide all the reservations and doubts that I had until the day before the departure, for having ginned a maximum of sites in search of testimonies on agencies of this type.

Know already that some of your doubts can be dispelled well upstream initially, since it is quite possible to have exchanges (mail or phone) with Nathalie from the agency that answers very clearly to questions and can already explain to you the whole organization of such a stay.

Upon arrival at the airport, it was also Nathalie who welcomed me. Brought to my accommodation the apartments offered by the agency are impeccable. They are secure and include a living room, a separate bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. They explained in more detail the next few days. She will take care to hear from you every day, to know how the meetings take place in particular, she will be the intermediary if necessary with women and will be very good advice. You can also contact her at any time.

Almost always, a translator will wait for you at the bottom of the apartment. Just before your appointments and you will go with her to the place of the meeting. It usually remains 2 hours but you have every opportunity to continue the evening without her if the woman is interested. After you exchange your contacts and possibly organize other meetings with her. This is why Nathalie will only plan you the first days of the stay: according to the first meetings you will be able to organize the continuation.

The translators are friendly and very professional, this is by no means intimidating.

Take the time to converse with the girls you like before leaving. This is just my opinion and for my part it has been 2 months between the first message and on site. To properly identify the personalities and to be really prepared for meetings; mentalities and characters are very different from France. Know why you come, I did not meet a woman who did not know what she wanted. The seriousness of the agency is found through the seriousness of the profiles.

As for the city, the center is lively, there are many restaurants, bars or places to go out … I never felt a sense of insecurity; in summary the forums is good and it allows to have an idea but beware of clichés or reducing remarks. For my part, I focused on this city. For a meeting in particular J but also for all the memories that I will keep.

I thank the whole team of the agency Ukreine.com!



René, 46 years old, France. Testimony on Ukreine

Testimony video!!!

What did surprise you the most during your stay in Kharkiv ?

 I was welcome in the city.

Question: Did you like the restaurants, the Ukrainian cuisine?

Yes, here we can eat well.

Question: Did the agency’s services meet your expectations?

Yes, I liked your services, everything is correct.

Question: What can you tell your compatriots about our country and the encounters?

We must not hesitate to come, it is a very beautiful country, here is a good reception.

Question: How are Ukrainian women different from women in your country?

It’s the mentality, the style of dressing and the way of communication.

Jean-Michel, 60 years old, France. Testimony on Ukreine

Testimony video!!!

What surprised you the most during your stay in Kharkov?

I would like to say to people who come to Ukraine that this is a beautiful, very welcoming country, and I advise people looking for a companion to come here to Kharkov.

Question: Did the agency’s services meet your expectations?

Yes, absolutely. The services were impeccable, the meetings were well organized, and I was welcomed at the airport at home.

Question: What can you tell your compatriots about our country and the encounters?

First of all it is a beautiful country with many historical monuments to visit as restorations too.

Question: Why did you prefer the Ukreine agency to other French agencies?

Because the agency Ukreine.com has videos showing the quality of the agency and I confirm that all this is true.


Dominique, 40 years old, Francea

Video testimony !!!

Question: Dominique, have the agency services met your expectations?

Answer: Well yeah, I am very satisfied there! So when I arrived at the airport I was made to feel myself welcome. I was taken to the comfortable apartment. The city of Kharkov is very pretty. There are very nice places to visit like parks, museums. The office also made me feel myself welcome. It’s very warm.

Patrice, 40 ans, France

Video testimony !!!

Question: Patrice, did you like Kharkov?

Answer: Ah yes! It’s a very pretty town, yes. It’s a very pretty town with a lot of nice places. The churches are magnificent to observe, the restaurants are very good. There are also very beautiful museums, there is really quite a lot to see!

Xavier, 53 years old, France

Video testimony !!!

Question: Xavier, for how many days have you come at the second time?

Answer: Well, I came for two weeks.

Question: So… Have you had enough stuff to sort during these days?

Answer: Yes, I’ve been meeting with my companion almost every day and I really like it. Well, she has a bit difficult job, it’s not like we do. But hey, you have to understand this, and she understands me. Well, it’s not like in France. I admit that the French would not behave the same. So, if I would be in correspondence with a French woman and I say I have a lot of job to do, there’s no yes… she’ll tell you something like “Bah, you’re staying at home yourself, so am I “. And Ukrainian woman says “Well, I understand. I can come”. And I understand it too.

Dominique, 40 years, France

Video testimony !!!

Question: Why did you prefer the UkReine agency to the other French agencies?

Answer: Well, so I chose the UkReine marriage agency because the other agencies are completely different. It is up to me to manage everything, there is no support. Well, there is no translation, and if you are alone it is complicated to chat with the woman with whom we have a date.


The evening of January 5th was very good for us, gentlemen, I do not think that for women the impression is the same because some ladies had no chance to see the quantitative proportion of men and women! My interpretations are very nice, it was the opportunity to discover a nice evening for me.


This evening was very nice, and allowed me (with the face-to-face interviews the days before and following) to meet some of your members with, I hope, several possibilities of serious follow-ups


Initially, I was skeptical about the principle of dating agencies in general! However, I decided to go on the spot, to celebrate “Ukrainian Christmas” on January 05. I received an invitation of Natalie with whom I had been in contact for a few weeks. I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of this agency, its seriousness. Natalie initially helped me and advised me by mail. Finally, she welcomed me and organized my arrival and the first meetings in my hotel, before the Christmas party! The first meetings were all held as planned and I was there each time accompanied by a translator, who in passing was very friendly, quiet and discreet! Finally, the evening arrived, we all had a drink together, so all Agency people, girls present, translators, and other men present with me. The evening then continued between games, meals and dancing! Really good evening! I wish to say a word, for all the translators who were present during this evening, because they are really all great, they are good advice, available, pleasant, friendly, and discreet when necessary! For my part, it was a bit special, indeed, a girl that I met the same afternoon at the hotel, and who was not expected to come to the party, was finally present! So I stayed until the end of the evening, I was able to meet and chat with some girls, but finally, I met the girl who is a very interesting, intelligent person, who has many values ​​that are dear to me and important human qualities. After the evening, I stayed 3 more days in Kharkov. Since my return home, I have been talking with her, I hope to see her again soon, because this meeting touched me!