Combine the Grand ball party with face-to-face meetings in Kharkov

As you already know, the women on the grand ball party are not registered members in our agency.


Just inviting site members to the grand ball party would give you nothing more. Regardless that it is very easy to organize, but it is also pointless, as not more opportunities for men while our goal is to ensure maximum success rate.

How to proceed?

4-5 weeks before the grand ball we launch a large advertising campaign, the objective is to attract women, who are potentially interested to meet a foreigner. Most of these women are not registered on any dating site or agency and they are, so to say, fresh. We invite these women to our office so that they fill out a questionnaire. Also, we select those who meet the participants’ search criteria and then we invite those who will surely interest the participants of the evening.

As for face-to-face meetings, this is the classic service had been provided since 1998, which makes about 20-30 weddings every year.

Our vision to meet a successful Ukrainian woman

From a quantitative point of view, choosing between 80-100 women in the evening in addition to almost 1000 women, registered on the site, gives a quite different success rate.

Of course, the difference is not 10 times because:

  • We accept on the site all the candidates who are sincerely motivated,
  • For the evening, we make a pre-selection of women according to the search criteria of the men who will take part.

Those two strategies compliment each other and give you maximum results.

Anyway, the less opportunities you use, the higher needing for you to come to Ukraine again, which increases your total budget.

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the man talks about combining the evening with personalized meetings

Our offer

A lot of our customers do both at the same time during a single trip: they take part in the evening as well as face-to-face dates. They also benefit from twinning discounts (evening + personalized meetings).

Obviously, those customers have the highest success rate.

We have different tariffs for face-to-face meetings. No matter which one you take, the evening costs you only 399 Euros instead of the regular price, which varies between 650 and 750 euros.

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