How to find love for a shy

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Hello everyone, it’s Nastya )

You are intelligent, rich, handsome, in a good physical form but it’s a great problem with you – you are very shy and don’t know where and how you should search for a real love in real life. So let’s see the possible situations to help you in this task 😉
You are at the shop and you see a beautiful girl who wants to take the same piece of cheese as you want. Your hand touches her one, you look at her, she looks at you. You think that it’s a perfect moment to start the conversation. But after all your thoughts you loose the moment, she goes away and you will never see her again. Failure.
Let’s see the next one.

You are in a restaurant, all alone. You see a beautiful girl who sits also all alone, drinks wine. You want to start the conversation but you start to hesitate, think that she is waiting for someone etc. Then she goes away from the restaurant and you are still alone(
Probably the next situation will be more successful?
You walk down the street and you see a beautiful girl waiting for a bus on a bus station. You star to think how you can start the conversation but because of that you are shy you wait till she goes away(

Probably at the night club, where everyone is relaxed and drunk? You see a beautiful girl and you plan your future conversation but then after your thoughts that probably she doesn’t like you etc – it’s too late …

You see? But if you are desperate and do not know where to look for your love, what should you do?

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