Ukrainian and Russian women who speak English

It is natural that you would prefer to communicate with Ukrainian women or Russian women who speak good English. But what about Russian women or Ukrainian women who list elementary level of English on their profiles?

In reality, 90% of Ukrainian women study English for 7-10 years as part of the school program (with the remaining 10% focusing on French or German) and then most of them continue their English studies for 3-5 more years at college or university.

Historically, school and university English classes have focused primarily on reading and translation skills, while communicative approach was rarely used in Ukrainian public educational institutions. It is the predominant reason why most of Russian women or Ukrainian women struggle to speak English, despite studying it for numerous year. Furthermore, lack of practice further complicates the issue.

Having said that, they all have solid English language foundation with rich English vocabulary in their passive memory. So the learning process is very fast and 6 months of intensive English courses is typically sufficient for a Ukrainian woman to start speaking.

We have signed an agreement with the best Ukrainian school – International House Kharkiv, a branch of International House World Organisation (IHWO). Founded in 1953, IHWO is one of the largest and oldest groups of language schools in the world, and has a global network of over 150 affiliated private language schools in 52 countries, spanning every continent.
International House Kharkiv has tailored a special intensive English course to meet the needs of the women subscribed to our site.

Also, special discounted rates are applied for clients.

You can also request her academic progress reports from International House

You will see more details on the International house Kharkiv and their language courses in the enclosed document.

So, as you see now it does not actually matter if a Ukrainian woman is speaking English at this moment as any of them will speak English very fast.

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