War in Ukraine, what is happening to Ukrainian girls and to our team

Dear clients,


the fact that we are in the 0,1% of dating agencies that are not brokers between Ukrainian women and Western men made our difference and ensured the exceptional success rate for almost 25 years.

The fact of having our own office on the spot in Ukraine allowed us to interview all the Ukrainian women, to make sure of the sincerity of their motivation and at the same time to remain the most affordable dating agency.

Such personalized contact with our female members became even closer after the outbreak of the war. We are in constant contact with almost 100% of Ukrainian women whose profiles are displayed on our site, we have a budget to help financially those who need it.

As for our team, which has more than 10 people, we continue to work, several have moved to other cities but we have already returned to 90% of our usual power.

In any case, if ever you do not have an answer from us or from your correspondent, do not hesitate to call us.

How then did our work change after the war?

We strongly advise you to switch to direct communication with women by using one of our packages https://ukreine.com/en/date-me-packet

We understand that for some of you it is difficult to commit to a package and have direct contacts before exchanging several messages via the site.

You can therefore exchange messages with the Ukrainian women you are interested in via the site before making a decision.

Also, we have waived all fees for exchanging contacts with other women if it didn’t work out with your first contact. Our goal is not to make you pay, we want to guarantee the result.

Also, 90% of the amounts we receive for the packages will be spent on the salaries of our employees and subcontractors in Ukraine, for our members who need urgent help as well as for donations to the Ukrainian army or aid humanitarian.

You are therefore going to help Ukraine in a proactive way during the war and believe us, we are going to thank you for the result of our work that we are going to do for you.

How to meet these Ukrainian women?

The vast majority of our members lived in eastern Ukraine in cities like Kharkiv, Sumy, Dnipro, Mariupol, Kherson, Nikolaev – the cities most affected by the war, that’s why the vast majority of Ukrainian women registered on our site are already in western Ukraine near the Ukrainian border or have found temporary refuge in Poland, Hungary and other border countries.

Also, the countries of the European Community and other countries as Canada and US provide medical insurance and immediately issue a work visa.

After exchanging contacts with the Ukrainian woman, we will assist you to ensure that she leaves Ukraine in case she is still in Ukraine. If she is already in a Central or Western European country,

you will be able to meet without our assistance but anyway you will have a minimum of 6 months to meet other Ukrainian women if it does not work after your meeting

Receive contacts of Ukrainian women for free:

We have women who are heading towards the border with Poland, who are not in contact with any men and who may need accommodation.

If you are here to help ANY Ukrainian woman get her into shelter, we have contacts to give you for free.

Contact us by email for the contacts of women who need help


For all questions you may have contact us  at: +1 5147033725 or email to: info@ukreine.com