Do Russian girls really drink a lot? | Real life vs Stereotypes

Do Russian girls really drink a lot? | Real life vs Stereotypes

Today this is our tag “real life vs stereotypes”.

Hello everyone, it’s Nastya)

I’ve heard about the stereotype that Russian girls drink a lot of alcohol, even abuse. It was a very widespread, weird and faulty experience. As an eyewitness I want to discuss today this arguable moments with you.

  1. 1. So the first point of view is – all that Russian girls do at home is drinking wine. Cooking, dinner, relaxing, watching a movie – without bottle of wine you will never see a Russian girl doing this. But in reality even if during weekend evening she will drink a glass of wine – it doesn’t mean that it is an important attribute of her everyday routine.
  2. 2. Second moment – gossiping with her friends Russian girl definitely drinks several glasses of alcohol just to maintain the conversation. Sometimes it’s possible, but she can also drink all other types of beverages, you just don’t notice that)
  3. 3. Next – party, event, celebration – this are all purposes to drink a lot. It doesn’t matter where – nature, restaurant or home. But in reality, during parties it’s rather men who are drunk and girls prepare all the stuff for the celebration and control themselves about alcohol to clean up the mess after party) And even a small amount of alcohol doesn’t bother them from doing all that is necessary.
  4. 4. The most interesting – during romantic dinner men notices that girls order wine rather then other beverage. And does it mean that we drink it all the time? Vise versa, it means that for us it is the special occasion, not as everyday dinner, when we want to do smth different and obviously to drink smth new. Moreover, a glass of wine is a good match with dinner plates, so don’t judge other people, just think first). Would it be pleasant for you if after every glass of beer your girlfriend will classify you as an alcoholic?)
  5. 5. Finally – at the shop, passing through alcohol department, men tend to ignore it when they are with a girl, they are already afraid because of all this stereotypes that she will buy a new bottle. Don’t you think that she wants to buy it as one of the ingredients to cook smth for you?)

I just wanted to underline that you shouldn’t criticize this attitude towards alcohol because it is not well-argued but can be very offensive for a Russian girl, so don’t be influenced by only few situations and by stereotypes. Russian girls comparing with other nations drink rarely and in very small amounts, they always control themselves and you will almost never see a Russian girl who is really drunk.

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