Ukrainian marriage agency owner is obliged to pass a lie detector test.

Some of you know me for a very long time, but others do not see any difference between an honest Russian dating site or marriage agency and scammers who have created their site with the sole purpose of scamming single men (and such scams datings sites reach 95% of the total amount of Russian dating sites and marriage agencies).

This is not surprising: a scammer will never say that he is a scammer, on the contrary he will write on his site to be the most honest and reliable, he will publish articles with banalities on dating scams protection, he will make sure that these beautiful girls on his site “dream to meet you” …

So a rookie of international dating will probably not see any difference at first, but he will understand very well the difference once he has lost a few thousand of dollars.

How can we persuade men who have already been scammed or who are just suspicious and skeptical of nature and who think that “all Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies are the same”?

They will not believe in marriage stories, clients testimonials, or the promises of the agency’s employees …

Fortunately, I am rarely asked for proof of my honesty with my projects and antiarnaques.orgen as they can see me on TV in France, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries.

But still, I decided to do something that no one has yet dared to do: take a lie detector test.

The main goal was not to talk about the website and me personally but especially to reveal the incredible number of scams in the area of ​​international dating …

… to show that the vast majority of marriage agencies and dating sites are just scammers despite everything they tell you and show you.

Watch how I pass the test on the lie detector….


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Just watch that short video to see how it works:

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Dimitri Berezniakov

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