Age difference between Russian or Ukrainian men and women

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Age difference in relationships: is it important for Ukrainian women? We will analyse some stories of age difference couples and acceptable age difference between husband and wife. What is Ukrainian mentality about age to get married and what do Ukrainian women think about big age gap relationships.



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It depends on each situation, but a big age difference – it’s unique. In most cases – the reason is money. Sometimes Ukrainians are too desperate that’s why they are looking for someone abroad who is more mature and stable in life. Or to have “a father” that was missing during childhood and will treat her like a child. Our mentality is to look for something of our age (relationships are established at university, at work, etc., when the age is almost the same). Ukrainian girls want to have children, young husbands, family friends as young as they are. In addition, we do not want to have the interference of ex-wives and children in private life.

Age difference statistics in families in Ukraine:

Husband is 0-5 years more old – 33%

6-10 years – 14%

10 years and over – 6%


One can find several Russian dating profiles like this:

English man, 50 years old looking for russian single woman of 20-30 years, without children, beautiful, young, educated.

What are the chances of finding the Russian woman he is looking for?

The answer is simple: it’s possible … but only when it’s a scam.

You are only the man of their dreams because they want your money. We must remain realistic. No 18-year-old woman will be interested in a 55 or 60 year old man unless it’s a scam or prostitution.

If you want to meet a beautiful woman, choose those who are between 35 and 40 years old. That’s realistic for a 55-year-old man.


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