Does serious meetings with Eastern women exist?

Serious meeting : why ? is the pioneer of Franco-Ukrainian meetings. Established in 1998, ranks as a reliable and serious dating site that presents real solutions for anyone looking to find his love in Ukraine. is a fusion of a dating site and a marriage agency. UkReine has taken the best of both concepts and therefore its customers enjoy autonomy to contact women, a personalized approach and far more attractive rates than agency prices.

Main difference by Ukreine

But the main difference from other agencies is that UkReine never works with local agencies, it has its own office in Ukraine that takes care of everything to guarantee men protection against all scams.

The fact of doing all the work directly without going through local intermediaries allows the UkReine team to offer unbeatable prices.

Opening international serious meeting

The Ukrainian office of the agency is solicited every day by Ukrainian women open to international meetings, their profiles are added to the site following an interview and are manually validated to ensure the seriousness of women enrolled.

UkReine has offices in Canada (Quebec) and Ukraine, with regard to France, Belgium, Switzerland UkReine offers you representatives services that you can meet physically or by phone to ask all your questions.

What about founder ?

The founder of the agency is Dimitri Berezniakov who is also known by his project launched in 2010, it offers men free consultations on protection against sentimental scams and meetings.

Summary: Why

Free registration

protection against scams

Possibility to have direct contact with women

Ability to see members in skype video

All Inclusive Travel Organization

Meetings with Ukrainian women 4 times a year

Affordable price

Maximum success rate

Real meeting can be offered

We are always very curious to know why some men hesitate when we offer them real meetings that bring the result for a price much lower than elsewhere. Do not hesitate to write us on – we want to know the reason and give you our guarantees of success if your search criteria are realistic.


UkReine team

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