Why our agency offering real profiles of brides is different?

Where’s your dating&marriage agency located?

We have 3 offices:

The main office of our dating agency is located in Montreal and covers US & Canada.

The Ukrainian office is located in Kharkiv (2nd Ukrainian city after Kiev, almost 2 million inhabitants, 3rd university center of the former USSR) so all the brides come in person to our office. We don’t deal with any local dating agencies!!!

We’re a legitimate international dating and marriage agency and you can meet us in person!

When was your agency created?

Our first office opened in 1998, we were at that time the first and only dating and marriage agency that specialized in meetings between French speaking men from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Quebec and beautiful Ukrainian women for marriage.

We started working with English speaking clients a few years later and many men who were searching on Google – Russian women dating site, Russian women to marry, Single Ukrainian women, Ukraine dating agency, marriage agency with Ukrainian women, Russian brides for marriage found our dating agency website.

In 20 years many things have changed…we have become one of the most experienced agencies with an exceptional success rate… but we now see beside us numerous dating sites and matrimonial agencies in US, Canada, Europe, Ukraine and Russia that are scamming, we see thousands of false profiles of Russian women who have saturated all the free and paid dating sites where registration is done via the internet and without moderation. Men have less and less confidence in these dating sites and the issue of credibility becomes very important even for an agency as well known as ours.

Can I see your staff?

We’re a team of over 30 people, you will meet some of them in our front offices. Each client gets a personal assistant to get your needs and to guarantee you the result.

Our team

A small part of our team: Oleg (programmer), Anna (translator), Natalie (director of the Ukrainian office), Dimitri (founder), Katia (manager), Lubov (interpreter), Valériy (programmer)

Who are we?

Dimitri Berezniakov - founder

Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1976, lives in Canada since 2009

Education: V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University – Master degree Translation, interpretation of French and English Kharkiv University of Civil Engineering and Architecture Psychology – 3rd cycle, 2 years University of Hagen, Germany Human resources management, 2 years University of Cambridge, 1 month CELTA course

Professional experience:head of the international relations department UkReine.com – founder

Hobbies:family activities, travel, reading Sports practiced: tennis, downhill skiing, football

Manager - Kateryna

Kateryna, one of our managers. She’s been working at our agency since July 2018.

Kateryna has graduated from the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (one of the best universities in Ukraine) and she has a master degree in French and English language and literature and in teaching those. She has confirmed her knowledge at the international exam and has the DALF certificate C1.

Having worked for 7 years as a tutor and a teacher she can give you a consultation about learning the languages. As a teacher Kateryna has a decent background in psychology and can help you if you need any advice in your research. Kateryna worked for the GameLoft company and is experienced in the Customer Care field.

Apart from that Kateryna is a singer and performs from time to time. You can hear her singing at our Social Meeting Parties where she is a host.


Ksenia, one of our managers. She’s been working at our agency since June 2020. Ksenia has graduated from the TarasChevchenko National University of Kyiv Institute of International Relations and she has a bachelor degree in “ International Organizations and Diplomatic Service Chair”. During her studies she passed the DALF exam and got B2 confirming her knowledge in French. After that she moved in Lille, France to get a master degree in Political sciences, so she had an experience with native speakers. Ksenia worked for AddSalesForce as Custom Care Agent. She is always ready to help you and find the best solution in the difficult situation.


Please meet Katya, she has been an employee of the agency (manager) since April 2018.

She’s got the marketing education at Donetsk National Technical University, specializing in French. Katya confirmed her knowledge at the international exam and has the DELF B1 certificate.

Katya participated in international volunteer projects in France, in organizations such as (Amitié sans frontiers and Lions club de France). She also worked in UEFA during the football championships in Ukraine.

Apart from job, she is fond of drawing and tennis. She’s sociable and open, always ready to help and advise in such a special case as choosing your life partner.

Psychologist - Anna

Our specialist in working with ladies.

Education:National Educational University of Kharkiv – 2 years
General psychologist, relational psychologist
Gestalt Institute of Moscow – 5 years
Psychology, Gestalt Therapy

Professional experience:Psychologist, Gestalt therapist, private practice

How can it be that 95% of international dating is a scam but 100% of Russian and Ukrainian sites and agencies claim to be honest?

A scam agency will never tell you that they are scammers. They will tell you about their success rate and happy clients.

A girl who wants to rip you off will never start with money talks. She will tell you about her feeling towards you.

So we have a perfect dating world in the beginning and 95% of men are scammed at the end.

We are founders of one of the biggest dating scams sites: antiarnaques.org/en , so we know perfectly well the dirty side of this business.

Watch how pay-per-letter dating sites scams work:

Why is your Dating and marriage agency called UkReine?

Because it is pronounced like the country Ukraine, but also contains the word the “Reine” that means “Queen” in French and is associated the beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women to marry.

All the hidden secrets of international marriage agencies. We reveal them in this video:

What’s the difference between UkReine Ltd and other Russian dating sites and marriage agencies?

The biggest difference is that we DON’T deal with local dating agencies in Russia or Ukraine who spread fake profiles all over different western dating sites and marriage agencies.

We’re registered in Canada we’re not in off shores or other countries that are out of reach of international justice.

We are founders of one of the biggest dating scams sites: antiarnaques.org/en

Our rates are much cheaper than prices of Russian dating agencies in US&Canada

You can see our CEO&founder undertaking a lie detector test

We can GUARANTEE the result for the pre approved men (if we find your search criteria realistic).

Can you help men from English speaking countries?

Sure, we offer a full cycle of services for single men from Western Europe, US, Canada, Australia and other countries:

we start from assistance with the ladies selection, we organize your trip to Ukraine or the trip of the lady to your country and we finish with assistance in international marriage procedures.