How to be attractive for Russian and Ukrainian girls

Attractive for Russian and Ukrainian girls, the best

Hello everyone, it’s Nastya)

You’ve decided that you want to find your real love among beautiful Ukrainian girls. But they also have choice among other men from their native country or from abroad. So how to be really attractive for them? Let’s discuss some really important features.


  1. Not to show off, boast and compare yourself with others. Showing off and comparing yourself with other men is the worst thing. She will see and appreciate you later, but boasting about your money/body of smth else plus saying that you are better then Russian/Ukrainian/foreign men is rather strange.
  2. Don’t be a playboy and try to be liked by every woman. Ukrainian girls are very jealous so if you’ve already chosen your “the one and only” don’t continue to flirt with other numerous beautiful girls.
  3. Be caring and protect. It’s a Psychological level because for every girl it’s important to feel safe with a man who can make decisions and be a support for her. To attractive for Russian and Ukrainian girls !
  4. Spend time together. Show that she is a part of your life and she is interesting as a personality. Involve into your plans, ask for help, show your emotions – it’s all very important for good relationships.
  5. Show that you have serious and long-term oriented intentions. Women don’t like to be offended by short relationships “for one night”. Build relationships with her parents, respect her values and traditions it’s highly appreciated by Ukrainian girls.


So you see that to be attractive for Russian and Ukrainian girls you cannot be only rich, handsome etc. The most important things are your attitude, attention, serious intentions, real feelings and emotions. Ukrainian girls are often scared about foreign man because for they it’s another culture, mentality and habits. And to trust an unknown foreign man they should be sure that you are sincere with them.


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