Real life vs Stereotypes: Why do Russian and Ukrainian girls marry a foreigner

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Hello everyone, it’s Nastya)


I’ve heard many stereotypes about the fact that Ukrainian girls want to marry a foreigner not because of their real feelings and emotions. Let’s discuss some of them..

So, according to stereotypes, Ukrainian girls want to merry a foreigner:


  1. To have papers and leave their awful country, have an easier and better life
  2. Not to work
  3. To be reach and buy anything they want, find someone wealthier
  4. To live in a villa by the ocean
  5. To get away from Russian alcoholics


But I want to tell you the Truth about this moment because I am a Ukrainian girl who knows all difficulties connected with this decision:


  1. Even being a wife of a foreigner it’s very difficult to obtain papers. Not in every country and family the level of life is more higher than in Ukraine. Girls should leave also their relatives and be surrounded by unknown people and mentality. Their life becomes harder.
  2. According to statistics more than a half of women who move abroad work there!
  3. Real and sincere Ukrainian girls won’t do this, they are not spoiled by shopping and they can ensure their own finance stability, they won’t be with a person whom they don’t love just for money. There are cases when Ukrainian girl and her family is wealthier than her foreign husband.
  4. When they move to another country they never know for sure what is waiting for them there. So they follow they emotions and don’t plan some financial schemes.
  5. It’s a little bit hyperbolized, because the same problem can occur with a foreigner))


You see that if you follow only the stereotyped thinking you can think wrongly about Ukrainian girls and their mentality. So don’t judge about the situation when you don’t know all the aspects.


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