Our prices and free options

Our dating agency has enough assets and free options to facilitate your contact with women without incurring large costs.


To start, the sign up on our site is absolutely free.

After your sign-up,  you receive a gift of 18 credits to be able to exchange your first messages for free with women. You will receive 7 additional credits if you fill in all the fields of your profile that will also increase the rate of positive responses you will have.

Access to women’s profiles is free. So once your profile is completed you can choose the ladies you like and send them a request to find out if your profile interests them or send them a personalized message.

All incoming messages in your inbox are also free, whether it’s a reply to your message, or a first message sent by a new lady who liked your profile.

The translation of each message you send will cost you 6 credits. You can therefore send all your messages in English that will be translated if necessary by qualified translators to Russian or Ukrainian.

Each man has an English speaking personal assistant who will contacts you by email or WhatsApp. Your assistant will reply to all your questions, you can also give her the profiles of ladies you like  and she will present your profile to them and send you the profiles of those who are also interested in you. You can contact your assistant yourself by writing to info@ukreine.com This service is also free.


If you are out of free credits for the translation of messages or Skype conferences you can buy more on our site, for a moderate fee from 0.6 euros per credit, or 3.2 euros for a go-and-return message. The maximum volume of each message is 2500 characters (more than one page !!!). The messages are translated by professional University dergee translators, so it’s not just an automated translation.


You can meet women or have their direct contact immediately (with their prior agreement) with one of our three packages, everything is detailed on this page

As you can see it is not a simple contact without any follow-up or guarantee of the result: we provide packages that offer you personalized assistance and follow-up throughout the duration of your subscription.

The exchange of direct contacts is possible only within one of our packages.

Our rates are 3-4 times lower than the prices of our competitors, but the most important is not the price, it’s the fact that we are not a part of the dating scams industry.

Unlike other sites or agencies you will never see at UkReine.com fake profiles, profiles of professional daters and profiles of gorgeous girls who are “interested” in all men and serve as bait to make you pay.

Our low cost services – get unlimited contact information of ladies for only 50 euros per month.

If you do not need personalized assistance, if you do not have particular search criteria, we have created an additional service that allows you to exchange contacts with women who do not receive many messages from men, so you can exchange unlimited contacts with women for the amount of 50 euros per month. No conditions, no restrictions, no hidden fees. Link to participate.

Questions men sometimes ask:

But is it possible to meet a woman 100% for free?

I just want the contact information of the lady