Why Russian girls are illiterate and not educated ?

We will treat some common and widespread stereotypes about Russian girls, education and their intelligence level. I will comment on the most popular stereotypes and you will finally know the truth!

Stereotype: In villages and little towns women are not so educated as in big cities.
Real life: This is partially true. Because in villages there are not so many universities and private courses, but nevertheless, girls are eager to develop, they often enter universities in big cities and then even somewhere abroad.

Stereotype: Russian women dream and born to be housewife’s that’s why their education and career are not so important.
Real life: This is totally wrong. Yes, for their families, husbands and children they become perfect housewives. But education, self development and career are very important, after childbirth very often they continue to work.

Stereotype: Russian girls want to find a foreign husband just to do nothing in their life, they plan only to spend his money that’s why being educated is not interesting for them.
Real life: They only search for man who will appreciate them. Doesn’t matter in which country. Many Russian girls are more financially successful then their husband. Live at someone’s expense is not typical for Russian girls.

Stereotype: Russian girls do not find intellectual jobs. Just service industry, because they are illiterate.
Real life: According to statistics, in Russia or even abroad girls find intellectual jobs, connected with languages, science etc. And men work as waiters, smth connected with physical work etc.

Stereotype: Russian girls have problems with work and travel abroad because they do not learn foreign languages.
Real life: More than a half of Russian girls being a student continue education abroad and find there a job connected with a foreign language. It’s typical for girls – being philologist, linguist etc. They visit many universities, schools, private courses. They often become tutors of foreign language, interpreters etc.

So you see that one more time, you shouldn’t believe in all facts that you hear from someone, in real life it can be really different thing, so not to be in a stupid situation – always find the true info about Russian girls!)

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