Ukraine travel guide: What to do in Kiev?

Hello everyone, it’s Nastya)


You have decided to travel to Ukraine, for the first time it is the capital of Ukraine – a beautiful Kiev city! Lots of people, beautiful girls, places to go and things to see. But you really do not know what to expect, where to go, how are people here and many other things. I prepared for you a little guide -introduction to clarify a little bit these moments)


Firstly, there are many universities in the city center (Taras Shevchenko, for example) and cafes around them. There you can meet lots of beautiful student girls who chat with each other, and they also know foreign languages ​​(the Institute of Philology), so they can always help you and understand you !

The streets and squares are numerous and very pretty, some of them are pedestrian (the main street Khreschatyk is pedestrian every weekend), the people of Kiev and tourists go for walks, take pictures, relax in many restaurants, especially in summer when there are lots of open-air restaurants, they chat, the atmosphere is always very friendly.

Podil Street, where there is a magnificent view on the Dnipro River, is always very lively, with music, performances, concerts.

If by the bridge you go on Island Troukhaniv there you can picnic and sunbathe during the day and visit festivals and concerts during the night.

People relax in the outdoor parks, in summer the city is bustling and all people gather outdoors to enjoy the sun.

In addition, the cultural life is very developed. There are plenty of temporary and permanent exhibitions (for example, Pintchouk art-center), theaters with modern and traditional performances (philharmonies, operas, Ivan Franco’s theater, Molodiy theater), the architecture is unforgettable everywhere, the monuments are ubiquitous. For nightlife there are a lot of nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, bars and festivals (White Nights, Atlas Weekend, MonteRay Club, SkyBar, Bar / 13, Closer). In the nightclubs and bars they practice free entries for girls, imagine how many beautiful girls you can meet there)


So you see that it’s really difficult to tell about all the interesting places at once, there is a huge amount of “where to go and what to see”. In future I will prepare for you a more detailed Kiev guide, with additional places and informations, for you to have only unforgettable impressions from the capital of Ukraine)


If you have questions you can ask me on facebook. If you do not have a facebook, just send your messages to the email address Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.

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