Looking for information about dating scams !

It’s surprising, but many men think getting a whatsapp number of a lady is enough to meet their soulmate.

That your personalized adviser, a dating coaching, the assistance of our relational psychologist, the translations, the organization of your trip, the fact of meeting several women to guarantee the result and our experience of more than 20 years have no value. ..

Let’s admit that it’s true and that we decide to sell the contact information for each woman to 100$, a bargain for men …

Do you think that we will never do that because it is impossible to maintain a team of dozens of people who work for us, to pay all our expenses by charging just 100$ per contact information of a lady?

The reality will surprise you: if we sell direct contact information of a lady at this price to more than 30,000 visitors / month of our site, we would sell up to 20 TIMES PER MONTH the contact information of EACH WOMAN for the most visited ladies’ profiles.

Dating Scams

Multiply that by the number of beautiful women and by 100$.

In addition, we would have reduced our costs to 70% because selling the contact without any responsibility and offering a professional service that allows EACH MAN to GET RESULT are two completely different things.

It’s a bit like what Russian and Ukrainian local agencies do: they partner with numerous international dating agencies and site to maximize the income of each woman’s profile by selling the contact information unlimited number of times.

And now assess your chances if you buy a woman’s contact for 100$ and if we sold the same woman’s contact information to 50 men in 3 months!!!


Also think about our reputation if the chances of each of our client were of 2% while currently it is 80% to avoid dating scams.

Yes, with us you get the contact information of a lady and get the success rate of 80% because you’re probably the first to talk to her as 95% of the profiles of women on UkReine.com are only on our site, we do not have partners to share the profiles, we do not sell the contacts of women to anyone out of out site. The direct contacts of women are only reserved for customers who have purchased any package with us and that’s provides our famous success rate.

So what do you lose if you take any of our packages and receive a guarantee that if it doesn’t work out with Lady A, you’re going to meet Lady B, C or D and so on until you meet the woman of your life ?

We know a lot of dating sites that just sell women’s contacts to everyone, but we know of them after many complaints on our scams protection site arniarnaques.org/en and do not want you to be just another victim of dating scams.

Real relationship ans not dating scams

If you want the result, you will have it with us, if you are just interested in virtual relationship you can try elsewhere but in 98% of cases you’ll return to us unless you lose all your budget for international dating project with a scammer.