Invite a woman

Can Ukrainian women from your dating and marriage agency come to meet me first?

Yes it’s possible. The condition is that the Ukrainian woman you exchange messages with is interested to come first. So the first step is to discuss this issue with the Ukrainian woman you want to invite. You will find more information on invite a woman to your country page.

If this is the case, you can proceed to complete the form, the organization of the trip of a Ukrainian bride to your country will cost 750 €


– Search for suitable dates for the trip

– Preparation of documents necessary for the woman’s trip

– Search for plane tickets

– Health and accident insurance for women during their stay

– Explanation of the itinerary of the trip

– Telephone assistance in French / English / Russian / Ukrainian during the woman’s stay: help with comprehension problems

– Organization of meetings with couples united using in your region to create a social environment allowing the woman to understand the reality of the life of a Ukrainian woman in your country.


– this formula is valid only if you invite the woman to one of the EC countries or other countries which do not require a visa for Ukrainian citizens. Citizens of countries where a visa is required: Canada, French overseas departments and territories have the possibility of inviting women to a third country, for example France, Cuba

– before ordering this formula you must have the agreement of the woman to meet in your country

– the formula does not include air tickets or accommodation for the woman in your country.

– guarantees the meeting only if the man does not receive direct contacts from the woman before the meeting

– If the client requires the woman’s direct contacts, provides the woman’s contacts (with her agreement) but takes all responsibility if following the man’s messages the woman changes her mind . The 750 euros are not refundable in this case.

Please write to us at to activate the formula or ask questions, you can also fill out this form.

Please write to us at to activate the form or ask questions, you can also fill out this form.