Are ukrainian girls on your site able to come to my country first?

Yes it’s possible, but only if a woman is interested in visiting you in the first place. So the first step is to discuss this issue with a Ukrainian woman you want to invite.

If she is interested, the organization of a trip to your home country  will cost 750 euros (+ visa if necessary + air tickets).


Attention: If you offer a woman, with whom you had limited interactions, to visit you, there is a great chance that she will assume one of the 3 things.

  1. You are a very wealthy businessman, time for you is more important than money, so the woman can count on a business class flight, expensive gifts, best restaurants. If the reality is different, the disappointment will be very great.
  1. You are disabled, you can not travel but you want to hide it.
  1. You’re just lazy, you want to order a woman like a pizza with home delivery. 

Please give a woman good and realistic reasons why she has to come first, not you.