16. Is it easier to date the russian brides for marriage in Europe, US or Canada?

Why is language not an issue when you select a hot Russian bride for marriage.  Why dating Russian brides who live in the Ukraine is a better choice for you.



This article will talk about a topic that is a bit delicate to approach:  the one about whether it would be easier to stay home and date one of the hot Russian bride for marriage who live in your country.  What are the ups and downs?  Is it better to travel to an eastern country to meet one of those beauties?


Yes, there are a few gorgeous beautiful Ukrainian women who come from Russia or the Ukraine and who live in Canada, the United-States, Australia or western Europe.  But, keep in mind that there are not that many of these great ladies there.  Furthermore, if you want to date one of them, you have many competitors.  It is not unusual for them to have several suitors, at times up to a dozen.  This means that your chances of succeeding in seducing one of them are extremely low.


Now, on the other hand, if you decide to travel to the Ukraine (we are only giving you statistics for this country), for each man, there is an average (on the website of the international marriage agency www.ukreine.com) of seven hot Russian brides for marriage.  As you can see, the difference is huge!  Your chances are almost 100x better if you take the time to visit the gorgeous Ukrainian or Russian women right on their turf.


Some men also falsely believe that it would be cheaper and quicker to remain in their homeland and try to date one of the beautiful women they see in the online dating websites who live right at home.  Once again, the opposite is true.  It is not only much more difficult, but also more expensive.  It is easier and cheaper if you go to the Ukraine directly (or the eastern country of your choice) and your chances are much, much higher on top of having more single, beautiful girls to choose from.


Another thing that keeps men from searching for their soulmate in the Ukraine is that they worry about the language barrier.  Yes, the ones who live in your country are often already fluent in your native tongue, and the English level of the ones still in their eastern home country is, on average, at a pre-intermediate level, but don’t let this stop you.  Very often, just a few months of intensive English classes are sufficient in order to have a good level of English.


When looking for the one you could eventually marry, try to focus your attention on things that are important (and impossible or difficult to modify), such as the girl’s age, physical appearance, profession, character and personality.  The language is not something that should be taken into consideration when choosing the ones you will contact through a dating website.