Why will I be happy with a Russian woman?

Why men seek a woman from Russia or Ukraine?

If you have come to our site, you should already have a general idea of why so many men all over the world are interested in dating women from Russia or Ukraine. Yet, last year we conducted a survey amongst our customers aiming to answer precisely that question.

We found that men most appreciate the following qualities in Russian and Ukrainian women:

  1. Beauty – 854 votes
  2. Value of the traditional family – 765 votes
  3. Education – 345 votes
  4. Reliability – 340 votes
  5. Mentality – 190 votes

Let’s review each quality in detail.

  1. The beauty of women from Russia and Ukraine

Here is what some of our customers said about Russian and Ukrainian women they encountered for the first time:

“In 10 days in Ukraine I saw more beautiful women than in 6 months in my town back in Canada”.

“I’ve never encountered such concentration of beautiful women in the USA”

“The number of gorgeous women in Ukraine is just unbelievable”

That is true, the abundance of beautiful women in Russia and Ukraine is surprising. You meet beautiful women everywhere: in the streets, in cafes, in public transport, in nightclubs, in theaters and museums. What is an explanation of this fact? The most plausible reason for this concentration of beautiful women is the fact that the territory of Ukraine and a part of Russia had been inhabited by Mongolian, Tatar, Turkish, Polish, Latvian, Austrian, German, French, Jewish, and each of these nations has contributed the best of their genes. The mix of genes resulted in such a beautiful effect.

As for the city of Kharkiv, where our agency is located, the concentration of beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine is even higher. Kharkiv is the third largest university city in the whole of former Soviet Union and many Russian and Ukrainian students come there each year to study and work.

  1. Traditional family values of women from Ukraine and Russia

There are possibly men who do not know what it means. It is when a woman cooks dinner and does not believe it to be a heroic feat. It is when the responsibilities are not divided 50/50, but rather when each partner is responsible for he/she does best. It is a man who brings food and a woman who makes dinner. It is when family comes first for woman and her career comes second. The women from Russia and Ukraine are that kind of women.

  1. Education of young women from Russia and Ukraine

There are 37! Universities in Kharkiv. 100% of Russian and Ukrainian women have a secondary education, 45% have a bachelor’s degree from universities, and 40% have professional and college education.

  1. Mentality of Russian and Ukrainian women

Russian and Ukrainian women have lived in the same social and cultural environment as men in Europe, the USA and Canada. You will not be shocked by a Russian or Ukrainian women’s behavior unlike women of Asian or African cultures.

  1. Reliability of Slavic women

The traditional family values do not allow a Ukrainian or Russian woman to think about anybody except her husband. The divorce rate in Ukraine is much lower than in the US, Canada, and majority of European countries. The Russian and Ukrainian women got used to depend on men unlike the Western women. So in case if a European woman leaves her husband, a woman from Russia or Ukraine tries to save her family at any price.

You will see yourself that all these qualities of beautiful women from Ukraine and Russia are reality and our dating and marriage agency will arrange your meetings with beautiful, family-oriented and educated Russian and Ukrainian women!