44. Ukraine marriage agency: choosing the real one


What is the reality of Russian and Ukraine marriage agencies.  Why these sites are not always honest.  What you should look for in a marriage agency.


Why an average international Russian and Ukraine marriage agency now has a very low reputation.  Which ones are honest and how you can manage to find real Russian and Ukrainian women who want to be your bride.  The things to look for in order to keep your search realistic.



The UkReine.com international marriage agency and online dating website was founded in 1998.  Back then, there were quite a few Russian and Ukrainian women who wanted to be a western man’s bride, and the men responded in kind.  But, the competition was not too big yet and that agency had quite a chunk of the market to itself.  So, the companies running agencies like this one were usually completely honest.


Today, however, the situation is very different.  Because of increased competition, each Ukraine marriage agency uses its own methods in order to attract clients, and most opt for the typical scam:  using gorgeous Russian women who look like top-models and wearing next to nothing (often just a bikini). Young, 20-year-old single girls write messages to 50-year-old men and tell them that they are in love with them without meeting them.  The number of online profiles that are scams is approximately 90%.


This means only one thing:  if you wish to find one of those beautiful women from an eastern European country in order to make her your bride, you need to become vigilant.  When a young single girl who is surely able to find a job as an actress contacts you, ask yourself:  why would this girl be interested in me?  If you are 25 years older than her, she is so beautiful she could have any man she wants, and you don’t even speak the same language, but she keeps writing to you, this could be too good to be true.  Therefore, chances are that this is a scam.  This type of situation does not pertain only to the bombshells who live in Russia, Ukraine, or a third-world country; this can happen anywhere, including your own area.  A stunning single girl does not remain single for very long.


Another element that must be considered is that if you are Canadian, American or European, do not believe that you can get any woman you want from the Ukraine or Russia just because of your nationality.  That is not the reason why a Russian or a Ukrainian woman would become your bride.  This is not to say that it is impossible for you to meet and marry one of them; quite the contrary!  However, the ones who claim to fall in love with you when the match seems very unlikely are surely scams.  Furthermore, you will have to make efforts and invest time in the relationship.  A woman who falls all over you without even the slightest effort on your part wants nothing more than your money.  A sincere one will require that you meet her in person before she even considers visiting you in your country and will not ask you for money.  Although it happens, seldom would an honest and sincere woman choose to travel to an unknown country to meet a total stranger in his home!


What is typical is for you to take the time to travel to the country where there are a few of those wonderful single women who are truly interested in marrying a foreign man, meet them – often a man will choose five or six to meet and pick the one that is closest to his ideal (but realistic) woman – and spend a few days with the most likely choice.  The online communication should be kept to a minimum because of the vast amount of fake profiles.  Meeting women face-to-face is the only guarantee that the one behind the amazing photos is a real, honest, sincere woman who wants to be your bride.  It’s the best strategy in order to succeed with your marriage plans.


Once more, please be very attentive when browsing profiles and only contact those who would realistically date you.  One example of a online Ukraine marriage agency that has real, beautiful single women is ukreine.com.  You notice immediately that they are pretty, but not so much that it seems unreal.  Compare them with the ones on other sites and make your own conclusions.