45. Seduce hot Ukrainian women: 5 things to consider

The reality when it comes to seducing hot Ukrainian women in dating websites.  What is their real motivation.  Would they make good wives.


The top five reasons why trying to seduce hot Ukrainian women in online dating websites is not such a good idea.  Why they are hired by agencies and how they work.  What you should really be looking for if your goal is a long-term commitment.



You may have already searched for websites and looked at the various profiles of very beautiful, hot Ukrainian women who claim to be single and want to be your bride.  You could be wondering how to seduce one of these gems and make her want to marry you.  In order to do so, there are a few things to take into consideration.


First, one must wonder if the person behind the other screen is actually real.  There is always the chance that this is not truly a gorgeous woman who is looking for a man, but just someone trying to scam you.  The women you see in these profiles who look incredibly stunning always have a wide selection of men to choose from in their own country and therefore do not need to sign up and create a profile on an international online dating website, especially if it is low quality.  So, most of their profiles are fake.  However, when men have to pay for the use of the website, the quality of the choices they have increases drastically.  But, one question remains:  is the one you are speaking with sincerely looking to get married, or is this a hired actress working for the agency so they can milk you of your money?  The same reasoning applies here as well – young, stunning, gorgeous single girls, whether they are in Russia, Ukraine, or any other country, have many options right where they live, so they do not need the assistance of an agency.  Furthermore, the local men have a serious advantage over foreign men just because they speak the same language as the girls, and there is no need for them to move to another country.


Where do these incredibly sexy profiles come from?  As mentioned previously, these women are paid by the agency to pretend to want to date you.  Often, they are already in a relationship – perhaps even married.  Or, sometimes the one contacting you is not the one that the photos belong to, but another employee in the agency.


Now, is it possible to succeed in seducing hot Ukrainian women who are paid to pretend to want to date you?  There is a chance, and you can try.  You do have to ask yourself this question though:  do you really want to?  Remember that she is playing with you, and is only with you for the money.  It would be almost comparable to wishing you could marry a call girl.  Her job is to break men’s hearts – so would she be a good wife for you?  No.  Why would you try, when there are many great, beautiful hot Ukrainian women who are sincere, wish to marry you, and won’t break your heart?  You won’t see them wearing bikinis in their profiles because they are not after your money – they want a husband.  But, most of these women will never be found in the majority of the online dating and marriage agencies because finding them is such hard work!  These agencies prefer sticking to “professional daters” who will work for them and make them earn money.  Those who try to look for sincere women often do not succeed since the sexy women still earn more money for the agencies than the honest ones, so they give up.


Therefore, think about it seriously: which do you want – the woman who is sexy but not interested, or the one who will truly make you happy, and is very beautiful?