46. Searching for online Ukrainian wives: the three most common mistakes made by men.

Three things that men do that diminish their chances of meeting their future Ukrainian wives.  What they need to do to avoid these common mistakes.

The top three reasons why men do not succeed when it comes to finding perfect Ukrainian wives through an international online dating agency.  What you should do instead to increase your chances of success.  What matters when you are doing your online search.

There are three common mistakes that men make when they are searching for their future brides amongst the profiles of gorgeous Russian or Ukrainian women.  Here is what you should avoid when looking at the websites and the women’s photos.

The first and most important one is that most men are not willing to pay for this service.  It is quite understandable, but this is not something that is recommended.  The reason is that these sites are not moderated, which means that no one verifies if the profiles are created by honest, sincere women who want to be your bride, or scammers who are putting up pictures of as many stunning women as they can in order to make you pay more.  As a matter of fact, nine profiles out of ten belong to scammers or are fake for some other reason.  Other times, the international agencies cooperate with a local one and add the profiles to their database, but the women are actually looking for local men and not foreigners.  If you try to contact them, you won’t get an answer because the reality is that only about 15% of single women in Russia or the Ukraine actually want to date a man from another country.  So, your chances are very low.

Another important thing you need to consider is that your potential Ukrainian wives often do not live in the same area.  Suppose you go through one of these mediator agencies and you find three women who interest you enough to want to meet them in person.  You want to plan a trip, but when you look at the details carefully, you realise that one lives in Siberia, one lives in Moscow, and one lives in Kharkiv.  What do you do?  This trip will be very costly and time consuming.  There’s also the chance that one of them will change her mind at the last minute (whether she is a scammer or not does not matter here).  These free dating websites are really not the best.

The thing to consider is not to take the exact opposite route, though.  If you wish to find a good online dating website or an international marriage agency, you can easily find something that won’t break your bank and that will give you the service you need.  You can access some of those where you only have to pay perhaps 30 to 60 dollars, and the profiles will be of a good quality.

That being said, even if you find someone on a free dating website, you still need to visit her eastern European country because you won’t be able to date her if you don’t.  This means paying for a plane ticket, a hotel, the expenses for the actual date (she will expect you to pay everything).  Then, you will have to purchase her round-trip fare to visit your home as well.  Therefore, you need to plan a budget, and the cost of the online dating site is just a small fraction of the total amount you will spend.

The second most common mistake is that many men believe that they can attract very beautiful, stunning, young, single Russian girls because of the scam  issue.  No matter how old you are, no matter what you look like, these frauds will contact you to get your money or the agency hires someone to answer to your messages and lead you on.  Just remember that no matter what country the woman is from, the vast majority will never be interested in a man who is more than 15 or 20 years older than her.  There are exceptions, of course, but they are so rare that it would be better for you to not waste your time.  In the almost 20 years of business of UkReine, there was never such an exception amongst the couples formed through that agency.  The majority of such approaches are scams.

The third mistake is that men spend far too much time on the online communication and are not quick enough to meet the pretty women in Russia or the Ukraine.  The reason for this is simple:  online contact does not let you get to know the person properly.  Only seeing the woman in front of you will allow you to truly determine if she is right for you.  It is also best, while you are making the trip, to meet as many women as you can because it increases your chances of finding the one who is right for you.  You are not committed yet, so there is no reason to be loyal to just one of them.  Furthermore, if you make the trip and realise she is not right for you, you just paid for an entire week or ten days to see someone, and the two of you are not a good match.  What do you do for the rest of the trip?  Why not plan to meet others as well?  And, even if Helena is a great match for you when you see her, how do you know Olga won’t be better if you don’t spend time with her?  It is better to find the best match for you, not just a great match.  You could regret it later on.

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