Are you a University Student? Get $1,500 towards your university education!

1st Prize: $1,000
2nd Prize: $300
3rd Prize: $200

Why this scholarship program?

Anyone who has had the privilege of studying at a University knows that it is often difficult, sometimes impossible to pay for education. You literally need all the help you can get.

Our main purpose is to enable talented students to pay for their studies and allow them the opportunity to experience new outlooks and perspectives.

Global scholarship programs are extremely popular and we have decided to invest our funds in order to assist talented students like you, financially by offering you the opportunity to earn funds towards your University education for free.

All students who conform to the conditions listed below, will be eligible to enter this competition..

Are you eligible to take part? *
Yes, if you are a:

Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students who attend university;
Part-time university students;
Night school students;
High school graduates with both college and university prospects;
All college students;
Graduate students;
Post-graduate students.
* Terms and conditions apply


Only American citizenship students may apply.
Contract students who are responsible for paying their own school fees may apply.
No sponsored fee students may apply.
All college and university faculty and departments are welcome, irrespective of students’ specialization.

How to Enter:

It’s easy.

Step 1: Write us an Essay!

The topic is as follows:

‘’10 Reasons why your soulmate won’t find you in 2019’’

The minimum amount of words is 500.

Step 2: Publish your essay on:

Your University website, forums and distribute on your intranet, with links to our scholarship program; or
Your own blog with link to our scholarship program;

Step 3: Don’t forget to send us your essay, now! We need to judge your essay, to see if you with the prize. Send your essay to us in .doc format.

    Competition entry deadline: 31 May 2019

    All winners will be announced on 10 June 2019 and will be published on this page

    All decisions regarding the winners will be done to the highest ethical standards.

    The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

    Competition winnings will be paid directly to the winning student’s university account – no exceptions.