Do you have a personnalized Russian mail order brides dating service for men from US & Canada?

Many of you have heard about hot Russian girls, mail order Russian brides (by the way, the correct spelling is not male order brides but mail order brides, a term appeared in nineteenth-century America) but most of men stops just at the stage of googling “hot russian brides” or “mail order wife” and admiring the pictures of sexy and hot Russian and Ukrainian women.

And there’s a reason for it. Many men think that they are so far, or that those pictures of hot Russian mail brides are just fake.

And it is absolutely true, the distance is an important factor and dating sites are saturated with scammers.

But it is also true that 99% of scams are done online, if you skip this stage or if you’re with an honest Russian dating site or marriage agency you risk absolutely nothing. And you would be surprised to see the number of hot Russian women when you get there.

As for distance, it’s just a matter of a 9 hour flight, that’s nothing comparable to the possibility to find the best Russian mail order bride  you could ever dream about.

Taking into account our office is located in Canada, we offer a unique service for dating single Russian and Ukrainian women for men from all Canada provinces: PEI, Nove Scotia, New-Brunswick, Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchevan, Alberta, British Columbia and other territories.

You will be guided by Dimitri Berezniakov who created in 1998 the first French-Ukrainian dating agency in Ukraine and founded in 2010 one of the biggest free sites that fights against dating scams. You’ve probably seen him it on the TV or read his articles on dating scams and seduction coaching of women from Eastern Europe.

So you can contact a person who is already in Canada, who knows everything about dating Russian and Ukrainian girls who you can trust and who will reply to all your questions for free.