Online dating party

Why do we call this service “online dating party”?

First, to pay tribute to our meeting evenings that we organized for 3 years in Kharkiv and that we had to suspend in 2020 because of the pandemic.

The second reason is to offer a unique product that mainly concerns men with a limited budget, because we offer an incredible thing:


Although it’s called a “NON STOP ONLINE PARTY” you don’t have to be online for a fixed time or for a fixed duration: you browse women’s profiles and contact us to send direct contacts of women you are interested in.

How does it work?

You Sign up to our "Non stop party", the payment link is at the bottom of the page

You send us the profiles of the ladies you are interested in (it's unlimited but we appreciate if you send up to 10 profiles per time) in the form below or you email them to

Ladies from your list receive your profile

We send you direct contact information (whatsApp, email, phone number) of ladies who were interested in you

Thus, you can exchange contacts with women every month and you can unsubscribe from our service when you consider it necessary.

How much does it cost?

Participation fee subscription - 50 euros/month

No conditions or restrictions, unsubscription at any time, no hidden fees.

Why do you offer this service at a beer budget?

Here is why the idea of making a separate service at a small price came to our mind.

The fact that ladies at are only on our site is very advantageous for men because there is quite a lot of women for relatively few men. So, some women don't get messages from men. As we must also think about maximizing the chances of all the ladies on our site to find their soulmate, we have decided to offer profile of ladies who receive less attention from men on a separate list and motivate men to communicate with a symbolic price.

Can I have access to the profiles of women registered for the evening?

Here's the link to see the profiles of the ladies We remind you that "online dating party" ladies profiles are different from the profiles of ladies on our main database and that this package is not applicable to profiles of ladies listed here

How do I meet these women?

A big number of ladies are already in Western Europe

So it won't be a problem to meet them, but even if it's written in their profiles that they are in Ukraine at the moment, the situation changes so quickly...

In either case, you get 7/7 support from our team, so you won't have any unpleasant surprises with flights, travel and other items.

How do I pay?

Here's the payment link: