What should be my budget for dating and marriage of a single Russian or Ukrainian woman?

Some men think it is necessary to be a millionaire to marry a beautiful single Russian or Ukrainian woman, others have the principle of not investing in relationships under the pretext that “love can not be bought”.

But the table below will give you an objective answer to this question: some agencies may take you for millionaires and charge thousands of dollars for their services but in reality the budget to meet the woman of your life is not that big, just take a look.

Stage What you do What we do Length Price
Selection of women profiles Browsing profiles of women and sending initial message or request if a woman is interested in you We offer hundreds of verified profiles of single Ukrainian women for marriage 1 day Free
Exchange of messages, optional step Exchanging messages with women via our website. We provide various services to facilitate your interactions such as messages translation, Skype conferencing 0-3 months free or from 1.6 euros per translated letter, from 25 euros per Skype video chat translation
Direct contact exchange You provide us the list of ladies you want to have direct contact information of Our services include:

Personal English speaking assistant

Unlimited contact information exchange

From one week to several months Online dating party: 50 euros

6 months unlimited package: 990 euros

Lifetime match guarantee package: 2700 euros

Meetings with ladies You prepare the plan of meetings Help with the choice of the meeting place

Optimizing your travel if you want to meet several ladies

1 week Your personal expenses


As you can see from that table you don’t need a huge budget if you’re interested by Russian girls for marriage. At least, if you do it with our Russian marriage agency as of course you may be charged much more elsewhere.

However, this table gives you your approximate budget for just your first trip to Ukraine and the stay of single Russian brides for marriage in your country.

Also, the table does not include your personal expenses during your stay in Ukraine or during the stay of Russian ladies for marriage.

So, what could be your expenses after you’ve met the single Russian woman for marriage in your country?

It’s hard to say precisely as the budget may vary depending on your plans. Are you going to marry her rather fast and your will live together with your Russian wife or will you need more meetings, will you decide to go for vacations with her to know each other metter, the budget depends on so many things.