5. What type of mentality should i except from a russian or ukrainian girl?

What makes a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian girl the right wife for you.  What you need to understand about them to know why they wish to marry you and how they differ from those from your native country.


There are a few differences in the mentality of people living in Russia and Ukraine and those who live in a western country.  Therefore, the women from these eastern countries will have certain values and preferences that will differ from those living in your home area.  What are they? What do you neet to know before dating Russian girl or marry Russian girl.  Here are some details to help you out.

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The first one and surely the most important one for men seeking to marry a Russian girl from these areas is that they tend to follow traditional feminine and masculine roles in the household.  This is because they are not quite as emancipated as western women.  They seem to cherish more the core family value than in western Europe or North America.  Their perception of marriage and having children is much closer to the one our parents and grand-parents had than ours.


Next, we have to speak of their beauty.  When a man travels to Ukraine, he will see as many beautiful single Ukrainian women and girls within the first six hours spent there as he will see in six months in a country like Canada.  This is an important reason why many men seek a spouse in Ukraine or Russia. Dating Russian girl in Ukraine or Russia is much more simple.


Then, there is also the accepted age gap in a couple.  Russian and Ukrainian women are willing to marry a man who is quite a bit older than them.  A difference of 5 to 7 years is fine, sometimes going as high as 15 years (which is normally the maximum).  There are rare exceptions where the gap is up to 20 years, sometimes more, but this is exceedingly rare.  The average is between 5 and 10 years.


Afterwards, the education level here is actually quite high.  More than 50% of the women in the Ukraine have a degree in higher education.


These are the main reasons why there are so many men from western countries who wish to marry a beautiful woman from an eastern country.  They seek single girls there and people from those areas know this, for there are also tons of scammers, so please be careful.  Be attentive when it comes to online dating websites or international marriage agencies.  Remain realistic as well; a gorgeous 20-year-old girl will not want to marry a man who is 20 years older than she is (the exceptions to this rule are rare).  If they write that they love you without having at least some sort of consistent contact with you (especially if they have not met you in person yet), chances are this is a fraud.  But if you remain vigilant and down-to-earth, you should be able to find the one who will be right for you.