Lifetime guarantee dating and matchmaking

This is our new package that allows you to have unlimited dates until the time you meet the woman of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you need 5 meetings for that or 25, if it will take you 5 days or 5 years, we stop working for you only when you meet your soulmate.

In addition to unlimited meetings (or exchanges of direct contact information *) with women on you get as a bonus:

Up to 10 meetings with women from the site (value of 600 euros)

Up to 5 meetings with women from local Ukrainian agencies: if you see a woman there who interests you on any international dating site, we contact the local agency and arrange for the meeting (value of 600 euros)


Price with a bonus: 3600 euros 

Price without bonus: 2400 euros 


Possibility to make the payment in several parts!!!


Unlimited dating with women whose profiles are on

Presentation of the psychological profile for each woman you will meet

Personalized lifelong follow-up by your advisor

Coaching for meetings

10 meetings or exchanges of contacts on the site

5 meetings or exchanges of contacts on any Ukrainian dating agency ** and access to the women’s profiles databases of several Ukrainian local agencies **




* Some women may prefer to start with the actual meeting and exchange direct contacts during the meeting if there was mutual interest, other women may prefer virtual exchanges before the meeting, so depending on that you will receive direct contacts or start with a meeting. Anyway most women are flexible in the mode of communication and you will have either the meeting or the contacts according to your needs.

** We cannot guarantee you success in our negotiations with all local agencies, but we do our best until you have had all 5 meetings. On the other hand, we can give you access to several thousand profiles of women from local agencies with which you can meet. We cannot know the motivation of the women of the local agencies, we limit ourselves by the organization of the meeting or by the exchange of contacts.




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Please write to us at to activate the package or to ask questions. You can also fill out this form.