21. All about the international Ukraine dating and marriage agency Ukreine.com


All the services offered by the international Ukraine marriage agency ukreine.com.  When it began and why it is a great option for you.  How it developed into what it is today.  What makes it special and unlike the others in the same field.



The international Ukraine marriage agency UkReine is an online dating and marriage website whose main purpose is to find you Ukrainian women for marriage.  Yes, the main goal is for you to find the one you will marry.  The name of the company is UkReine and the website address is ukreine.com.  Now, the name is French because originally, the site’s target clientele was within countries where French is the main language (or one of them).  It is a play on words with the name of the country, Ukraine, and the word for queen in French, which is “reine”.  Therefore, the site wishes to let you know that you will find your queen from Ukraine through them!


The company was founded in 1998, so it has been around for quite some time.  It is amongst one of the first of its kind, and since it was aimed at French-speaking countries, the majority of the clients came from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada (mainly in Quebec) to seek for Ukrainian women for marriage.  But, even so, the company has greeted clients from five different continents over the course of its operations, meaning South America, North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


What makes us different from other online dating websites?  We are a local dating and marriage agency with an office in Ukraine, meaning that we are not brokers or “middle-men”.  All the profiles of beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women found on our website were created directly through us and not someone else.  The second reason is that the company has become incorporated in Canada, so it is now also officially a Canadian company as well (through Ukreine Inc.).  We are responsible for all of our activities according to international legislation.  The third reason why we differ from others is that we have set up a website that helps protect against online dating scams because we know that this is an issue (unfortunately, but that is the reality).  It is unique in its kind because there is an identification verification service in order to check any Russian or Ukrainian profile you find online to make sure it is a real woman you are speaking with behind the screen.


Therefore, as you can see, this agency covers all the services you can think of for an international marriage agency:  scam protection, online dating (profile browsing and contact), travel arrangements, translation and interpretation services, documents, visas, international marriages… basically, everything from A to Z.


I invite you to visit the website ukreine.com in order to view the profiles of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian brides.  Hopefully, one of them will become your wife soon!