24. Hot russian girls dating scam patterns: How to recognize the most popular method used to steal your money

Details on the most common pattern for scamming western men used by hot Russian girls.  How they manage to get money from unknowing foreigners.  What to do in order to find the profiles of sincere, honest, beautiful and single Russian girls.



You are on an online dating website and you are browsing the profiles of hot Russian girls who all seem to want to meet you.  Now, this may seem too good to be true – and perhaps it is.  However, you can easily determine if one of these gorgeous beauties is a scammer or not by following these simple tips and tricks.  It could keep you from losing quite a lot of your hard-earned cash.


In approximately nine cases out of ten, there is a series of steps that are the same or at least, very similar, from one fraudulent account to another.  This happens mostly in websites that are not owned by a dating and marriage agency, or in the cases where the sexy woman from Russia or the Ukraine spotted you online and contacted you first.  You could be the one to approach them first as well on a free dating site, and they try to scam you by keeping you attracted to them.


At times, they manage to contact you directly by email (using spam messages).  This is actually very easy to figure out; those using this technique always follows the same pattern.  They send you a first message, and you start sending emails back and forth for a few days.  Afterwards, they make a declaration of love of some sort, like saying that they really like you (or outright come out and say they love you).  The next step is to tell you that they wish to visit you in your home country, but that they need money for their tickets, their visas, the customs, the travel insurance, and so on.  Some might try and say that their mother is ill and needs money for the hospital and medical bills.  They are very good at finding a wide variety of excuses for you to send them cash, which is usually done through a money transferring company like Western Union.  This, remember, is done step-by-step:  first, she needs to pay for the visa and passport.  Then, she wants you to send more for the plane ticket.  Afterwards, when it is the third time she requests money, she will tell you that if you don’t oblige, you will lose everything you gave her already because she won’t go to your country (making everything a waste of time and money).  They understand this part of human psychology well and know how to manipulate men.


Another trick they use on men is to tell them that they bought the plane ticket and arrived at customs with a special Russian souvenir for you, but they can’t cross the border with it and if you don’t send 2,000$ immediately, she will go to jail.  This is usually done a few hours before she should be boarding the plane (according to the made-up story she is using on you).  Therefore, you have very little time to think and at times, you may even be on the way to the airport (if you live in an area that is not too far away from her country).


As for ways to avoid these scammers, one of them is to never sign up on free dating websites.  They are typically saturated with scammers creating fake profiles of hot Russian girls.  Another thing that is important to remember is that if you are in contact with a beautiful woman, remain realistic and ask yourself what would make such a gorgeous, young, sexy single woman contact you.  What do you have to offer this beautiful girl from Russia or Ukraine?  What do you have that she could want?  If she doesn’t speak your language, lives in another country, has a sudden, strong urge to meet you because she says she’s in love with you without meeting you… and start her life over entirely (work, sometimes studies, leave her family and friends behind, and so on).  Only 15% of Russian and Ukrainian women want to marry a foreign man, so most prefer staying home.  Those who look like top-models have plenty of choice in their own eastern country, so believe us when we say that the vast majority of them do not want to become your wife.


However, to look for a bride, there are great online dating and international marriage agency websites that offer you the chance to meet the beautiful, single Russian and Ukrainian women who truly want to marry you.  When you find one of those sites, you will know because they have different ways of working that make it clear that they are not after your money.  They do not look like major top-models, but they are absolutely gorgeous, and sincerely want to marry you to have children.


There is a website dedicated to helping men like you avoid being tricked into sending money to scammers.  If you go on ukreine.com, you will see the link to that website (or head to antiarnaques.org).  By visiting that site, you can see for yourself the list of names of known scammers as well as information on how to avoid becoming the next victim.