13. How long do you need to exchange correspondence with the sexy russian girl you want to date



Details of the plan you need to make.  Information on the different costs starting from dating websites and online marriage agencies, to your trip, to the visas and other important costs.  Reminders of what expenses could come after your beautiful Ukrainian or Russian bride moves in with you.



This is an article that will give you important details on the length of time you need to correspond with the sexy single Russian girl you met online through a dating website or an international marriage agency.  You could use a bit of advice as to whether or not you should contact your Russian date (or Russian singles dates, as we suggest you don’t put all of your eggs in the same basket) before actually traveling to the eastern country of your choice to meet them in person.  Is there a number of emails that one should not exceed before you meet your Russian date?  Or is a one-year communication the best option?


Some clients believe that in order to get to know these beautiful women properly before seeing them, they need to extend online contact for as long as possible.  They think that six months of correspondence is optimal for developing feelings for one of them, then they can come to the Ukraine or to Russia for Russian girls dating face-to-face. Although in some cases the results are positive, this approach is not one that is recommended because too much anticipation can build a persona that is not real.  This situation is not only through www.ukreine.com but with other sites as well.  Thousands of men communicate with great single women only to find themselves disappointed when they meet them in person.  Building a persona means that they imagine this woman before truly knowing them, which can only really happen when you are in the same room. Russian girls dating is more effective when you meet them in real life.

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Here is the strategy that works best, according to the statistics of the UkReine international marriage agency:  start by contacting several women, those you believe are beautiful, sexy, interesting, enticing, attractive, and what not – but keep it short.  Yes, short and sweet is best here.  We recommend limiting it to no more than two messages (from both of you) which saves you both time and money because on our website, we charge per contact.  We follow this philosophy (with statistics to support it):  in order to know someone, you must meet her in person.  Messages are not enough to know if you are in love.  Talking to her, looking into her eyes, getting to know her quirks, her personality, and so on – those are the ways to know if you can live with a woman for the rest of your life.  Concrete contact – actually touching her, breathing the same air – is necessary.  Saying “I love you” without seeing her is the same as saying it to your computer screen (same goes for the woman).  If you are a fantastic writer, she would then fall in love with your words, and not you.  She will build an image, perhaps one of an ideal man, and she will be disappointed when she finally meets you.  You could end up doing the same thing.


Therefore, the plan should be simple:  meet her and decide afterwards.  Don’t fall in love with words and a perfect (and probably touched-up) picture.  We are not saying that you are 100% guaranteed to fail by doing it this way, but you have strong chances of not succeeding.  Also, there are cases (although rare, it happens) where the pictures are normal, but the woman is absolutely stunning.  So, to avoid deception, come to Ukraine to meet the one who could become your wife.