2. Choosing the best country for dating Russian women for an international marriage : Russia or Ukraine ?

Where to go:  how to decide between two of the main countries where online marriage sites originate from: meet Russian women or date Ukrainian brides?

This article is about which country you should choose in order to find your best match for marriage.  The two main countries we will talk about today are Russia or Ukraine and there are ways to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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According to the owner of the dating and marriage website www.ukreine.com, Ukraine is the most interesting option for you, dating Russian women is less effective than dating Ukrainian women.  The first reason that explains this is that you actually do not need a visa to enter Ukraine, so it makes things a lot easier and a bit less expensive for you.  Furthermore, the cost of the flight going to Ukraine, an eastern European country, are cheaper than the ones taking you to Russia.  The third one is that the cost of living for Ukrainians is far less than it is for Russians, so you will spend less money while visiting the city of your prospect wife.  So, the food, the tourist attractions, the hotel and everything else will be less expensive for you than in Russia.  Also, there is the quantity of traveling time you should consider if you travel to either of these two countries in order to find a beautiful, single girl for a serious relationship.  Russia is vast and it will take you much more time to get from one city to another in order to meet hot Russian brides who captured your heart online (as far as thousands of kilometers between each city), thus meaning more money spent for getting from one place to another.  For example, one girl might live in Moscow, and the next one in Novosibirsk, and yet another one in Voronezh.  Whereas in Ukraine, you won’t have as far to go to meet every one of them (remember that we suggest you meet more than one woman during your stay because you increase your chances of meeting someone you will like), even if they do not live in the same city or town.


Another piece of advice I have for you is to go to one fairly big city, where you will have ample selection to choose from, such as Kharkov, where many single women wish to meet men from other countries with the prospect of getting married in mind.  This way, you will save both time and money because you won’t need to travel so much and you will be able to get to know a good number of single, beautiful Ukrainian women and girls just dying to find the right man!


One more thing that needs to be mentioned is the problem with scams and frauds.  The owner of www.ukreine.com is also the owner of an important site against this type of illegal activity.  Therefore, he knows that 95% of dating scams actually originate from Russia, which means you have less chances of being fooled if you opt for Ukraine as your destination to find love.


Therefore, picking the lovely eastern European country is cheaper, safer and less time consuming than opting for the vast area of Russia, so dating Russian women in that country is a little bit more complicated.