I’m looking for blond hot Russian brides with big boobs speaking English

Often my clients give me such search criteria. I also love blond women with a big tits and who speak the same language as me.

But what I like most is that the Russian bride has a good character and traditional  family values​, is beautiful and well educated, a good cook and perfect sexual partner.

You see, I am based on fundamental criteria that are very hard to modify so I choose from 100% hot Russian brides.

The clients of our dating agency who limit their choice by hair color or language proficiency choose from 2-3%

They do not realize that you need

1 hour and 50 € to become blonde
1 week and 2000 € for cosmetic surgery to enlarge the chest
3 months and 500 € for intensive courses in the English language

So their dream to meet hot Russian brides costs less than 3000 € while me, based on fundamental criteria I find a woman who can not even evaluate in money because happiness has no price.

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