33. How to evaluate your chances to find a russian mail order wife

Explanation of what to do before you start communicating with single girls in online dating websites and international marriage agencies in order to find a russian mail order wife.  How to remain realistic about your chances with one of the beautiful single women you could find in Russia and the Ukraine. 


There are many men out there who want to date a gorgeous, young, single girl from Russia or the Ukraine, but they do not always understand if they have a chance with one of them or not.  Here is a simple, step-by-step guide that will help you determine whether or not you can find the a Russian mail order wife or if you need to adjust things slightly to fit reality.


Take a sheet of paper.  Divide it in two vertically to make two columns.  On the first part, write down everything that you wish your Russian mail order wife to have, such as her age, her appearance, her character, how she will raise and care for the children, and any other details you find important.  On the second half, write down your own qualities, like if you are wealthy, young, handsome, have a good sense of humor, have a good character, are easy-going, do sports, are a romantic, and mostly if you have a desire to travel to the Ukraine and are ready to invest your time to find your perfect match.


Now, take a look at the sheet.  See if both sides seem to have the same number of qualities.  If so, your search is realistic.  If not, you need to remember that a good, loving, single, beautiful woman (from Russia, the Ukraine, or even your home country), with good family values and a post-secondary diploma will not give you her heart just because you dream about it.  You have to remember that you have to have something to offer her as well.  Think carefully about this when you are looking at profiles on online dating websites and international marriage agencies.  Before contacting one of these sexy single girls, you need to show that you are a good potential partner.  Stay realistic or this will be just a waste of time.


This is not to say that some of you cannot find a beautiful bride.  What you need to do is find your personal qualities and develop them.  Then, your chances of finding a spouse will increase.  Please think this over carefully because we sincerely hope that you can find a lovely partner who you could eventually marry.  Stay realistic about your possible matches and you will have an easier time finding your future spouse.