8. Dating a farmer – Would lovely ukrainian ladies want to live in a rural area?

Why beautiful Ukrainian mail order brides could accept living on a farm with you.  What makes them afraid of saying no.  The details that the need to know in order to help them decide if they want to meet you.


This article will talk about one particular branch of dating that is available on our site called “farm-dating”.  The reason for this is simple:  farmers in the USA, in Ukraine, in Canada and many other countries have a difficult time finding people who wish to live in rural areas with them.  It is a very different lifestyle that many people do not accept.  Therefore, there are quite a lot of farmers who contact our online dating website and who wish to find a bride who accepts living on their land. Dating Ukrainian ladies is easier if you’re a farmer.

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The first thing that you need to remember (and this is a very important detail) is that village life in Ukraine is quite difficult.  There are many differences between their lifestyle and the one that belongs to Americans, Canadians and other Westerners that need to be mentioned.  In western countries, village life means good roads that are maintained by the government, many citizens have vehicles to get where they want to go, the supermarket is close enough (often within a 20-minute drive) in order to get what they need, there is usually a movie theater close by as well, and a major town or a city is normally within a one-hour drive (where all services and any goods that are needed are available).  All other needs are usually met:  schools, hospitals, the police, firemen, and so on.  On the other hand, the infrastructure in Ukraine is not the same. There are some villages in that eastern country that are really just a living hell.  People have their land, and beyond that, they have nothing.  There are often no hospitals, no big shops, and the roads are terrible.  The closest town is one to two hours away.  Therefore, when you are in contact with one of the pretty single women from Russia or Ukraine, it is important to mention the details of your area and how it is much safer and more convenient than the situation in their homelands. This way, dating Ukrainian ladies would be much easier.


Another very crucial fact to mention is how the actual work is different.  Ukrainian men and women have to do many tasks manually that in other countries are done using a machine.  The technology here is much more advanced than anything they have ever known in their lives.


All of the above information is clearly essential when communicating with the women you want to eventually choose from in order to marry Ukrainian ladies and bring them back home with you.  If you forget to mention these details, they may get the wrong idea and say no to you even if you could be a good candidate for them.  If you make it to the point where one of the beautiful Ukrainian or Russian women accept seeing your country, it is best to show her all the amenities, the shops, the things you use for work, and so on, so she gets a good understanding of your situation and lifestyle.  Because of the differences with the type of living conditions for farmers in their area, you need to explain things to them and then they may very well end up happily saying “I do”.  A farmer could have good options when it comes to marry a Ukrainian lady. So, don’t be afraid to get in touch with those whose profiles interest you!