What will be your life with a Russian wife?

I’m sure many men who do not know Russian or Ukrainian women wonder why Russian wives are so in demand.
I am married with a Ukrainian for over 10 years, I have several friends and hundreds of former clients who have married Ukrainian women and who are absolutely happy.

Here are the principles:
1. Your Russian wife will be beautiful and you will always be proud of her appearance
2. Your Russian wife will be faithful to you all life
3. You will probably gain weight an average Russian wife is  an excellent cook 🙂
4. You have not only a beautiful Russian wife but also an educated and intelligent friend – for example 70% of single women from our website have a higher education.
5. Although your Russian wife will take care of the family home, household etc. etc, but most often she will not want to stay at home but will look for a job – almost all women in the USSR were working and so it became a part of the mentality

The only problem you may have during the first year of your conjugal life is that the your Russian wife will be quite limited in English but after a year of studies her English will be fluent enough – this is verified with many of our clients who have married a Russian woman.

How to succeed in dating with Ukrainian and Russian girls
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