Why it may not work with Russian and Ukrainian men !

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Are Ukrainian MEN BAD husbands?!

Ukrainian men dating: is it always successful for Ukrainian girls and why? Is an average Ukrainian or Russian woman satisfied with a Ukrainian husband or she would rather merry a foreign man?

In Europe divorces can be provoked because of a stable economic situation when every member of the couple or the family feels to be independent, he/she does not need an economic support – he/she is autonomous.

It does not always work with Russian/Ukrainian men because:

– there are civil marriages after which one does not want to be together forever;

– men are spoiled by the number of beautiful Ukrainian girls (they have choice, want more fun, do not sacrifice themselves for stability with one woman)

– men who are not able to provide the minimum economic security of the future family (it is difficult morally and physically, couples can not overcome difficulties, they have problems with housing, should live with relatives who intervene in private life, as a result they do not find common language with relatives)

– number of single men is lower than the number of women


Divorces are provoked by:

– Betrayal and estrangement (with time men do not pay attention to the femininity, do not appreciate wife’s as women)

– Alcoholism and the abuse of drugs

– Dependence of computer games

– Different perceptions about how to raise children and how to share homework in the family

– Physical and moral violence

– The difference of characters, obstinacy, absence of compromises

– A woman’s refusal for sex (it can be too soon for a woman or because of all the previous reasons)

– Early marriages due to pregnancy (22-23 years in Ukraine, in Europe – 27-30 years)


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