Seduce Russian mail order brides by e-mails

This idea seems excellent (of course if followed by a real encounter) …. but you have to be very careful. And here’s why:

1. If in reality you are different from the impression you created by correspondence with Russian mail order brides they may be disappointed when you meet them live.
2. In any case you can not make any decision about your future before the meeting
3. Correspondence on dating sites  with Russian mail order brides whose profiles are authenticated and verified is not free. A message can cost from 1.6 € on up to 10 € on other dating sites.
4. Free sites are dangerous as you do not know who you are writing to, the majority of Russian mail order brides are fake
5. Besides, do not you worry that it is you who will be seduced by a scammer whose free sites are saturated?

Conclusion: Correspondence is just a secondary and preparatory step to the actual encounter. Eventually you’re looking for a woman you can touch and not just send messages.

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