Russian and Ukrainian girls on the first date “Reality vs Stereotypes”.

Today this is our tag “real life vs stereotypes”.

1. Stereotype: You think that a girl will definitely be prepared f or weeks not to eat and drinkanything, just for eating, drinking and having fun of your pocket.
Real life: She will offer paying for her food or limit with a cup of coffee. It is not a
verification of proof of your wealth state.
2. Stereotype: She cannot understand jokes, will be serious and pay attention to each your word.
Real life: She is also a human being and she can understand freely and easily your “not-so-serious” discours. Don’t prepare your speech as for president inauguration.

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3. Stereotype: She will put on her best cloths for this day, official dress, unbelievable makeup and the highest heels. Then you should also be all dressed up in the best costume even if you feel uncomfortable.
Real life: She understands that it’s only the dating and she will be well-dressed and feel comfortable. The main thing is that you should feel free and confortable in your cloths. She will notice that you are used to wear jeans but put on a costume)

4. Stereotype: She will laugh at every your joke our story if you impress her. She will be serious and openly show it if you are not her type.
Real life: Women are special. And tactful. That’s why you will never know if the second dating will happen. Don’t judge immediately if the first dating is successful and don’t demand that a girl reacts on each your word. Just continue on ease.
5. Stereotype: You will be “a party entertainer”, and a girl will be a judge of a competition with a severe verdict at the end. She won’t entertain your conversation, offer where to go, what to talk about or what to to. She will wait for your ideas only, and then you will pay for them from your pocket).
Real life: She is also interested in you and in this dating. She will be initiative. You shouldn’t impress her each second or fulfill the conversations with chock content or compensate it with Smth that you buy for her on each corner to show that you are interested in her. The most important is your inner world, and smth that you can’t change: voice, mimics, gestures etc. The first impression is done during the first 4 seconds of the dating).
You should reject stereotypes in all situations. Especially about girls. They are unpredictable) all Ukrainian and Russian girls are individual and only your own experience can help you to do some conclusions. The best preparation is a good state of mind and serious intentions.
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