Russian ladies dating scams

The demand create scams. And it is true that Russian ladies are world famous for their beauty, education and traditional family values and it is true that so many men are “hunting” for Russian ladies trying to find thier perfect wive.

Have you ever received messages from young Russian ladies of 20-30 who fall in love with you after 3 week of correspondence? In addition such Russian ladies dream to come to you to offer their hearts and body also. You just have to send some money for the visa and the air ticket.

Of course it is seductive and many men are blinded by this virtual love.

I will tell you more, several times I had sent the men the results of the official verification with evidence that the Russian lady is a scammer but eventually the man believed more to the woman than to the reality that was so disappointing. They sent money and in a few months of scams (from 500 to 5000EUR) confessed to me what idiots they were.

Of course it just happened with a dozen men out of more than 10,000 that I helped with scam protection project but still it shows the sensitivity of men to dating scams

So, before answering a Russian lady, answer these questions:

1. Why is such a beautiful Russian woman looking for a man, is it possible that nobody is interested in her so much that she is obliged to send messages to unknown men?

2. Why is a beautiful Russian lady much younger than me is interested in me?

3. Why can not you see her on skype?

Do you know that 40% of the “profiles of Russian ladies” are created by men and that often you are in correspondence with a bearded man and not with a beautiful girl?

Do you know that free sites are saturated with scammers profiles but that in reality one scammer works with dozens of profiles s/he created so do not think there are actually a lot of Russian or Ukrainian scam artists –  there’s a limited number of professional scammers who create this abundance of enticing but completely false profiles.

In my next post you will learn how to distinguish a real Russian lady from a dating scammer.

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