My age is 55 and Looking for a single Russian girl of 25

Age difference ! Everything!

A lot of customers ask me this question and I want to clarify the situation about the age difference

It is true that Russian and Ukrainian girls easily accept an age difference of 10 or 15 years and sometimes even more

Russian women mature physically and mentally much faster than men so it is natural that a woman may be interested in a more experienced man than boys of her age

But you have to think of many things if youth attracts you so much

1. Of course this difference in age must be compensated for by a good physical condition and the possibility of ensuring a comfortable life for the single Russian girl who is much younger than you

2. You must also share his interests otherwise the single Russian girl will get bored with you and vice versa

Ideal age difference in my opinion? 6-10 years in my opinion is a perfect age difference between the man and the woman if I rely on the marriage statistics of our dating agency

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