Barrier of language: do you need to look for a Ukrainian woman already speaking English?

Barrier of language: do you need to look for a Ukrainian woman already speaking English?

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It’s Nastya.

Today we will talk about language barrier relationship and international couples problems. Do language barrier relationship have a future and how to organize the communication with language barrier girlfriend.

Are you looking for a single Russian or Ukrainian woman speaking English?

Of course every man interested in a relationship and a Russian or Ukrainian woman marriage wants to make less effort and meet Ukrainian women speaking English and who preferably have a diploma of a profession requested in your country.


But in reality if you are looking for Russian or Ukrainian single women speaking English, it will make your task much more difficult for the following 3 reasons:


  1. By looking for a English speaking woman you already limit your choice by only 3% of the profile database of a Ukrainian dating site instead of searching among 100% profiles of Russian and Ukrainian women. While you are looking for Russian women for English speaking criteria, your competitors are looking for a woman who is beautiful, who has deep values ​​of the traditional family and who could have a good profession.


  1. Ukrainian speaking English women can easily register themselves on English dating sites and therefore will receive dozens of messages from different men every day. As a result, you are going to have a lot of competition and it is not up to you to decide whether or not to enter into a relationship, but rather it is she who will choose.


  1. The Russian language is quite complex and contains many lexical and grammatical elements of the English language. 30% of the vocabulary is common in both languages, so with 3 or 4 months of intensive courses, the Russian or Ukrainian woman will be able to do well in English.


So instead of looking for a Russian single woman according to various criteria such as language skills, hair color etc … it is more logical to rely on more important values: age, appearance , character etc … and subsequently modify the variable criteria if necessary.

According to my own experience in Ukraine I can say that:

  1. Girls have more desire to study languages, at university as philologists learn mostly girls.
  2. 89% of girls in Ukraine understand English, 17% German, 9% French, 3% Spanish, 1% Japanese, 1% Chinese, etc.
  3. Learning languages to work and travel is very common among Ukrainians.
  4. Because of the lack of practice we can forget the knowledge or speak not too understandable, but with practice it improves!)
  5. In Ukraine it is necessary to know at least one foreign language to pass external independent evaluation before higher education.
  6. There are many schools and specialized courses to learn languages, so if you have a desire – there is always the possibility to learn.
  7. Every Ukrainian woman has studied the foreign language at least 5-7 years at school.


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