What languages do a Russian or Ukrainian brides speak: difference Ukrainian language vs Russian language

What languages do a Russian or Ukrainian brides speak: difference Ukrainian language vs Russian language

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It’s Nastya.

All that you should know about Ukrainian language vs Russian and Ukrainian-Russian language differences. You will also obtain some practical pieces of advice about how to learn Russian. Language in Ukraine: which language is more widespread?

The official language – Ukrainian, but mainly we speak Russian.

We understand each other easily;)

Media prefer Ukrainian.

– Eastern Ukraine is Russian-speaking, the center is West rather Ukrainian speaking, in rural areas – Ukrainian or Sourzhik (Russian + Ukrainian mix). In the cities – Russian.

Languages ​​are very similar (spelling and pronunciation, use of words). Some letters are different. One can intuitively understand the vocabulary.

If a person speaks Ukrainian, they can understand a Polish, a Slovak or a Czech, it is more complicated for a Russian speaking person.

By contrast, Russian is spoken by a larger number of people, so if you decide to learn a Slavic language, Russian will be more universal (include citizens of the former USSR who live all over the world).

But if you want to learn just a few words before you go to Ukraine, women will certainly appreciate some words in Ukrainian!

To learn Russian or Ukrainian:

– mobile applications (50 languages, Мова – ДНК нації, Р.І.Д, L-Lingo, Українська бібліотека, duolingo, busuu, etc.).

– Lessons online (tests, books, dialogues, vocabulary, situations)

– 3 necessary moments: private lessons, individual work (books, films, writing), practice of the language.

– The books only without a teacher – are difficult (only a human being can explain where is the problem, the cultural specificities and mentality)

– My experience: you should learn the language 2-3 times a week, for 1-2 hours.

– You can switch your phone in Russian, listen to radio, music, podcasts when you are driving.

– It is necessary to start with alphabet not to confuse some letters.

– Learn sentences and not separate words (it’s more useful in real situations + you start learning grammar)

N.B. Do not hesitate! Even without excellent pronunciation and broad vocabulary it is cute, pleasant and understandable for Ukrainian women !;)


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