All about dating Ukrainian girls: Vlog of Anastasia from Ukraine

Hello everyone)
My name is Nastya and I am from Kiev, Ukraine. I would like to invite you to discover with me step by step the life of a Ukrainian woman, to clarify the dark and too often stereotyped moments about their daily life, their
mentality, specificities, habits, their attitude towards the men of their country and to representatives of different countries. And also we will talk about important moments about international dating agencies, things to pay
attention for when we visit and when we communicate with Russian and Ukrainian women, scams and pitfalls to avoid.

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We will treat such topics as for example:
– How is the life of a Russian or Ukrainian woman in Ukraine?
-The Russian or Ukrainian woman and the kitchen
-Russian or Ukrainian woman: work or household?
-A usual day of a Ukrainian woman
-Average salary of a Ukrainian woman
-Difference between Russian women and Ukrainian women
-Difference between French women and Russian and Ukrainian women
-Why still does not work with Russian and Ukrainian men?
-Image of French men for Russian and Ukrainian women
– Are Russian or Ukrainian women interested in marrying a foreign man?
-Do Ukrainian women want to marry a French man just to have French papers?
-Age difference between Russian or Ukrainian men and women
– How to flirt a Russian or Ukrainian girl
-How to lose the interest of a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman? (things not to do with a Russian and Ukrainian woman)
– What languages ​​are spoken in Ukraine?
-Do Russian and Ukrainian women speak French or English?
-Why do I speak French or English?
-Barrier of language, do you need to look for a Russian woman already speaking French?
– If a Russian or Ukrainian woman will easily integrate in professional life in your country?
-Meeting a Russian or Ukrainian woman or more during your trip to Ukraine?
-The importance of the first impression during your meeting with a Russian or Ukrainian woman
-Sexual relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman
-Which Russian or Ukrainian women sign up for international dating agencies
Beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women still have a choice in their country, it is wrong that models from Russia or Ukraine register en masse on sites and dating agencies, it is a cliché invented by agencies to scam men.
-Meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman on the net, where to look.
-How to check if the Russian or Ukrainian woman who writes you really exists?
– Your correspondent, is she a scammer?

Dating sites are saturated with fake profiles and marriage agencies add profiles of non-motivated women who serve as bait that are paid by the agency for each meeting, so you have to be really careful when choosing the site or the agency. Sometimes looking at the profiles of women we easily see that it’s a scam of the agency, but sometimes even for me it’s hard to say if it’s a scam or not because the woman can be very real and it’s just motivation that is missing.
-Why avoid virtual relationships with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women?
-10 questions for a Ukrainian woman (based on men’s questions)
And of course many other topics to give you a complete and exhaustive picture of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women. You will have a real virtual guide to get by during your virtual and real meetings with Russian and Ukrainian women.
If you have questions you can ask me on facebook. If you do not have a facebook, just send your messages to the email address Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.

How to succeed in dating with Ukrainian and Russian girls
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