How are Russian and Ukrainian women?

Hello everyone)

It’s Nastya.

I want to tell you as an eyewitness how are the women of Ukraine (except some stereotypical information, as for example that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world) and what are the specific traits of their character that distinguish them from all other nationalities.

  1. First, it’s their sensuality. It is obvious how emotional and passionate they are even unconsciously, even in everyday life. And this sensuality has two directions: they express the whole range of purely feminine emotions: tenderness, gentleness, the ability to forgive and understand, but also jealousy and anger. This wide range of feelings of a Ukrainian women makes them, in my opinion, unforgettable.
  2. Secondly, it is the enormous wisdom that helps them to lead their own lives, but also to encourage and maintain their boyfriends and eventually to organize family life and raise children.
  3. Then it’s a maternal love. It is admirable to see what they are capable for to see the happiness of their children. It is not by chance that there are several songs in Ukrainian culture dedicated to this feeling.
  4. The quality for which I love Ukrainian women, and besides, I am sure that men appreciate this character trait, is that they are rebellious. I am going to explain. Once my friend told me that he would rather marry an Asian woman. After my question “why,” he replies that they are obedient to a man. But two minutes later he says that it will be boring and he admits he loves Ukrainian women with their real and natural emotions, their liveliness.
  5. And finally I must mention their respect towards the parents and towards the values ​​of the family in general. It is rooted in traditions and customs, even in the mentality of Ukrainian women, to keep family ties, so the majority of us dream from childhood to create the family, to become wife and mother.


For everyone, it’s obvious that Ukrainian women are sometimes contradictory, too emotional and passionate, but all of this, with their tenderness and love for family and human values, forms an image of a desirable woman. To get such a woman, you really need to have patience, a true desire and perseverance. But who said that achieving happiness will be easy?

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