17. How to select the best international marriage agency or dating site?

The reasons why a good online Russian dating site or international marriage agency needs to charge money for using it. Where the money goes. How to select one that is affordable.

There is a wide variety of Russian and Ukraine dating sites and international Russian marriage agencies available for you to choose from in order to meet beautiful single girls from eastern countries. However, as many people know, these sites are riddled with scammers and fraudulent activity. So what are the best rated dating sites and marriage agencies?

The first thing that many men say when searching for these sites is that they want to find one that is good and free. However, is it possible for them to be both of these things at the same time? Actually, you either get good or you get free. Not both.

If you want to have good service in order to contact a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman, avoid free websites. Why? The reasons are simple. The owner of a Russian dating site and international marriage agency, ukreine.com, says that in order to make a good site, one has to be ready to invest money into it to have a good rating and reputation dating site. If you want one that is properly moderated, advertisement is not enough. In order for the website to generate a certain amount of revenue and to control the quality of the profiles that are up on the site, the site has to charge a certain amount to ensure no scammers show up. Good, free dating sites do not exist.

So, what other options do you have? There is always the possibility to find one that is affordable, yet that has a high level of quality. One trick in order to find a great international marriage agency is to find one that has a local office in the Ukraine or in Russia. This way, the costs of running the website and paying the employees is less than if the main office was in a western country. They don’t have to pay the high amounts of taxes that are charged in the United-States or in Europe.

Another way to verify the value of the Russian marriage agency is to look at its reputation. Things to look for are, amongst others, comments about the dating website or international marriage agency, to see if they have contact information in your home country, to look at the date that the domain name was registered (for longevity – if the company has been around for a long time, it’s a good sign).

If such a site is not really possible for you to find or not what you are looking for, find one that is located in your country where there is a moderator between the local dating agency and the client. This is more expensive because you have to pay for the local website on top of the marriage agency in order to use their profiles and dating websites. They need to generate a certain amount of revenue to be able to assure the quality of the site. This is not the best solution because of the price you will pay, but also because they cannot really control what is going on in their local agency. They do not have a way to fully verify the honesty of the owners. They could be interested only in revenue.