1. Age differences between mature western men and young Ukrainian or Russian Girls



Details on how to manage your search in online dating sites  and international marriage agencies.  How to estimate the age gap that eastern hot Russian girls accept when it comes to having a family.  Keeping it realistic to have as many chances as possible.


There is one topic that is very important to consider in the dating world, and that is the age difference between a man and a woman.  However, when thinking to meet Russian girls, what do they consider to be a normal age gap? Do they accept being with someone who is much older than them?

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We understand that many men like the idea of being with a younger woman.  What needs to be kept in mind when adding profiles to your list of contacts is that you need to remain realistic.  Yes, women from Russia and Ukraine are a bit different from western women, but some things are fairly similar.  We know this because on our site, ukreine.com, we gathered statistics about the couples who meet and end up getting married.  What we noticed is that the average age difference between the man and the woman who fell in love by using our online dating and marriage service is approximately nine years.  The maximum, however, was around 25 years (although we only witnessed this only a couple of times when a man decided to meet Russian girls that younger than him and succeded).  At times, gaps of 15 or 20 years are possible, but not common.  This exception does, nonetheless, prove the rule that both Russian and Ukrainian women prefer mature men, but you still need to remain understanding as to the woman’s preferences.  We often see single hot Russian girls from these eastern countries accepting the company of a man who is about 10 years older, sometimes 15 years, and we strongly recommend you limit your search within this frame.  Keep in mind that being in a couple with a girl who wants to marry in order to start a family 20 or 25 years younger is far from the norm.  We prefer to let you know that it is better to remain realistic and to succeed in your search than to contact beautiful women who might not be interested in you.


We would also like you to keep in mind that fake profiles are often created using borrowed or stolen pictures of gorgeous young models – hot Ukrainian women who are exceptionally beautiful – in order to try and scam you.  The owner of one of the most important scam protection websites, antiarnaques.org, created a false profile on one dating service, indicated that he was 55 years old and did not add a photo.  The next day, he opened his account to find 20 letters that came from very sexy women who were around 18 to 30 years old (or their false profiles).  They were all interested despite the age difference and without even seeing any pictures.  Those girls who claim to be single ladies from Russia (and sometimes Ukraine) are not real.  This is the scammers’ favorite technique to get money from you.  Therefore, please be careful and remain realistic.  This way, you will have much more success in online dating and marriage websites.