How to see profiles of Ukrainian women speaking English?

Of course every man wants to make less effort and meet an ideal woman who in addition speaks already English and preferably has a job demanded in your country.

But actually looking for an English speaking woman often complicates your task for the following 3 reasons:


  1. By looking for a woman already speaking English you limit your choice and search among 30% instead of searching among 100%. While you are looking for an English speaking woman your competitors are looking for a woman who is beautiful, who has traditional family values and a good job.


  1. An English speaking woman can easily register herself on multiple dating sites and will therefore receive every day tens of messages from different men. As a result, you are going to have a very great competition and it is not you but she who will choose.


  1. If  30% of Russians or Ukrainians are fluent in English, it does not mean that 70% do not know it at all. English (very seldom French or German) is a compulsory  language at primary, secondary and high school program. If it was not used since by the woman it just means that she needs an easy boost and her knowledge will emerge from passive memory. 3-4 months of intensive courses and a woman will be ready to fully cope in English.

So instead of choosing a woman according to variable criteria such as language level, hair color etc. it makes more sense to rely on more important values: age, appearance, character.